Human interactions sometimes go beyond words, into the land of emojis.

We’ve all been there – you type out a message and as soon as you hit the send button you realize that it could be taken in exactly the opposite way from what you intended. Whether it be sarcasm, a joke, or just a simple message, it can be difficult to convey tone and feeling through words alone.

Luckily, there’s a way around that – and it comes in the form of these little guys: 😄😍😎

I know what you’re thinking – emojis (or emoticons) are great for texting a friend, but using them in a business setting? No way! We’re here to tell you that, for many situations, emojis can be appropriate, and can add a lot to your virtual experience.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should be using emojis in online networking:

1. They can express feelings when words fail. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your words alone can come off as flat. Emojis allow you to take words one step beyond to communicate feelings – whether it be joy 😂 or embarrassment 😅 – or anywhere in between.

2. They can make you seem positive and upbeat. 

We’ve all typed a message that we know would come off as much more positive if we could just add a smiley face. So go ahead, throw in a 😊 to convey your cheery personality.

3. They can convey the tone of your conversation.

Sarcasm and humor are probably the hardest emotions to carry over online – but don’t think you have to throw out your irony just yet! Emojis can signal your tone, so nothing will be lost in translation 💁.

4. They can let you be minimalistic. 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and emojis definitely fit the bill! Use emojis in your next round of speed networking. You’ll convey your personality and messaging in a much quicker, more light-hearted way.

5. They can let you be human. 

When networking, it’s important that you come off as a person. Get the same value as you would from an in-person event by allowing emojis to connect you, person to person. Emotions are universal, and emojis help mimic that.

6. They can genuinely make you smile! 

C’mon – how can you not smile when you see 🗿 thrown into a conversation? Make your connections enjoy and remember their conversation with you by making them smile, and keep them coming back for more.

As long as you make sure the situation is right for using emojis (and acceptable to the people with whom you are communicating), take advantage of this useful tool when chatting or texting while networking!

Mercedes Rodriguez is the Customer Marketing Manager at Brazen. A California native, her favorite way to network is through chat events. You can find her making meaningful connections across the 🌏  from the 🏖. 

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