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Have you ever toiled over an email to a new coworker (or worse, boss)?

Maybe you start out writing “Hi Sally!” but then think, What if Sally thinks exclamation marks are unprofessional? You start over, only to realize your professional email could come off as cold, depending on Sally’s preferences. You throw up your hands you just can’t win!

It’s hard to know what to say to someone you don’t know very well.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide on how to attract prospective students better. In it, you’ll meet six specific “personas” that represent real groups of people that you should be targeting with your recruiting efforts. Each section details who the persona is, what they’re looking for in a school, and a few tangible tips for you to reach them better with your admissions programs. These six personas include:

  • Generation Z Zoey, a recent high school graduate
  • High/Low Henry, a high-achieving, low-income student who is underserved by traditional admission efforts
  • Transfer Tracy, a soon-to-be community college transfer
  • International Isaac, a non-U.S. student seeking to attend an American university
  • Boomerang Brittany, a somewhat recent college graduate who is currently unemployed or underemployed
  • Post-Traditional Paul, an older adult who’s looking to advance his career through higher education (We’ve written about Paul before  learn more about how to attract adult students here.)

Why Now? What’s Different?

The landscape of undergraduate and graduate admissions has changed dramatically over the past fifteen years, and it’s not done yet.

As application rates surge due to changing behaviors, yield rates have taken a dive. In 2015, average yield rates for admissions were at their lowest in more than a decade at 32% for public colleges and 23% for private colleges in 2015.

One of the reasons for this is changing application behavior of modern students. In 2015, 46% of students applied to 6+ schools, up from just 27% in 2006.

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To keep enrollment numbers up, admissions teams need to both better understand this new generation of applicants and look beyond the traditional applicant pool to transfer students, international students, and adult learners. Humanizing your admissions process with personalized communication, convenient access, and authentic transparency is the key to saving your school from free-falling yield rates.

Ready to reach and connect with more prospective students than ever?

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