We proudly sponsor the Brazen Opportunity Fund (BOF) which grants the need-based use of the Brazen platform to organizations and employers committed to furthering diversity, equity and inclusion. Here at Brazen, we believe everyone — and we mean everyone — deserves a job they love.
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Starting Off Strong

Founded in August 2020, the Brazen Opportunity Fund has become a resource to partner organizations committed to forging virtual connections with tangible impact. In just our first year, Brazen partnered with 14 different organizations who helped candidates meet 200+ employers in just our first year.

By hosting Brazen-powered virtual events, candidates from diverse backgrounds were able have 13,413 conversations with employers! Each conversation represents a moment of opportunity for the candidates who attended the events.

"We specialize in the diversification of the hospitality industry by serving LGBTQIA+ community and all races and genders to find equality in the job market. We were able to host virtual career fairs on the Brazen platform."
Project Save Hospitality
“NYSAIS member schools are committed to expanding the diversity of the respective faculty/staff at each school. This year, using Brazen, NYSAIS will host their 32nd Diversity Job Fair.”
New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS)
“We will host a Teacher Fair through Brazen, with the goal of bringing schools and candidates together, with a special effort to increase diversity.”
North Carolina Association for Public Charter Schools