Virtual Event Solutions for Job Boards and Membership Groups

Brazen puts the technology in your hands to create engaging virtual career fairs that advance your organization’s mission and deliver incremental value to your membership. The Brazen platform is also the ideal solution for developing continuing education programs, hosting member-to-member networking opportunities, and so much more.

Why You Should Choose Brazen

Generate Revenue for Your Programs

Virtual career fairs are a great way to increase revenue streams and support your organization’s mission while providing incremental value to your membership. Brazen makes marketing your events incredibly easy, complete with custom landing pages where you can incorporate booth pricing options.

Increase Membership Participation

Make your events more accessible with Brazen’s recently redesigned user interface that delivers a high-quality experience to all participants. By taking your events online, you’re also removing geographic constraints, allowing your members to participate anywhere and everywhere.

Decrease Your Costs

By taking your events online, you’ll eliminate expenses associated with hosting an in-person career fair, seminar, or conference. Just think: no more venue fees, equipment rental costs, or time spent traveling.
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The Benefits of Brazen

Leverage the Power of Brazen for Your Team

Choosing Brazen is a no-brainer. Move your events online with the most feature-rich, easy-to-use virtual events platform on the market and empower your team to:

  • Engage your members with immersive virtual events and continuing education opportunities
  • Further your organization’s mission and generate new revenue streams
  • Increase your event participation while optimizing your existing resources