10 women leaders in talent acquisition who inspire us

Jan 29, 2019 - Cat DiStasio

Throughout the human resources industry, things are changing. And everyone knows it. New technologies are emerging regularly that change how recruiters find candidates and how employees do their jobs. A shifting economy is inspiring employers and job seekers alike to become more creative. And generational changes in the workforce are creating new demands for companies to meet.

Talent acquisition professionals need to know where to turn for inspiration, advice, and creative solutions to the challenges everyone is facing. Since human resources continues to be the only area of business leadership that is still dominated by women, it made sense for us to compile a list of the most innovative leaders in the industry who just happen to be women. With a range of backgrounds and skill sets, these 10 women are leading the profession into the future. Together, they are influencing the future of talent acquisition and inspiring corporate leaders to rethink old notions about how to maximize the return on human capital.

Jeanne Achille

Jeanne Achille - CEO, The Devon Group

Achille is a public relations and marketing expert who works exclusively in the HR tech space. She is the CEO of The Devon Group, and also heads the Women in HR Tech Summit at #HRTechConf. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter to see her latest work in diversity and inclusion, and to find out what she has in store for this year’s conference. 

Dalana Brand

Dalana Brand - VP, Global Total Rewards, Electronic Arts

Brand is Vice President, Global Total Rewards at Electronic Arts, Inc where her work revolves around improving employee engagement and creating an inclusive and diverse culture. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Lisa Buckingham

Lisa Buckingham - EVP and Chief People, Place and Brand Officer, Lincoln Financial Group

Buckingham is Executive Vice President and Chief People, Place and Brand Officer at Lincoln Financial Group. In 2018, she was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources (NAHR), a prestigious honor in the field. In 2017, she was named the 2017 HR Executive of the Year by Human Resources Executive magazine. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Amy Cropper

Amy Cropper - Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Amazon

Cropper is Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Amazon where she leads the worldwide operations team from right here in the DC metro area. She has been a speaker at various HR and technology conferences, where she often discusses the importance of creating a culture of innovation and how organizations can decentralize decision-making for better results. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stephanie Lampkin

Stephanie Lampkin -  Founder and CEO, Blendoor

Lampkin is the founder and CEO of Blendoor, a recruiting platform that seeks to eliminate racial and gender bias using technology. An MIT-educated engineer, she created an app that removed names and pictures from top applications, to give job seekers a level playing field based on merit only. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Madeline Laurano

Madeline Laurano - Founder, Aptitude Research Partners

Laurano is the founder of Aptitude Research Partners, where she helps companies fuse human capital management into a strategic initiative across the whole organization. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay informed about the latest research on recruiting chatbot performance and other talent acquisition innovations. 

Allison Lyons

Allison Lyons - Senior Manager of TA, Toyota North America

Lyons is Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Toyota North America, where she implements cross-functional strategies for sourcing high quality diverse candidates. In 2017, this approach led her team to conquer its hiring goals in just nine months. Follow her on LinkedIn.


Sarah Nahm

Sarah Nahm - Founder and CEO, Lever

Nahm is the founder and CEO of Lever, a collaborative recruiting platform that helps organizations make talent acquisition a company-wide initiative. The former Google product marketing manager uses design thinking to solve problems and find balance between technology and humanity. She recently appeared on Drift’s Seeking Wisdom podcast, where she shared hiring tips for growing companies. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Eileen Raymond

Eileen Raymond - Executive Director of TA, KPMG US

Raymond is Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at KPMG US. In that role, she manages the experienced hire recruiting for the company’s tax, audit, advisory, and business process groups across North America. She speaks on creative recruiting practices at HR conferences. Follow her on LinkedIn.


Shari Slate

Shari Slate - VP, Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer, Cisco

Slate is Vice President, Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer at Cisco. Her long history as a diversity and inclusion expert is both well documented and well recognized. In 2018, she was named a 2018 Top Executive in Corporate Diversity by Black Enterprise and was a speaker at the 2018 National Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conference. Prior to that, she was named a 2017 Diversity Leader by Profiles in Diversity Journal. Follow her on LinkedIn and check out the articles she authors for the Cisco blog.

While this list is by no means meant to be exhaustive, it highlights some incredible minds in the industry that you should be following. At the same time, we want to connect with more women leaders in talent acquisition. So let us know who we missed by tweeting @BrazenHQ.

As the landscape continues to evolve, talent acquisition professionals will need to employ creative strategies and innovative solutions in order to remain competitive. Smart recruiting professionals will want to keep tabs on these women, as they continue leading the field into the future. Following these movers and shakers is one good way to keep up-to-date on the latest in the industry. Subscribing to our new weekly email newsletter tailored for talent acquisition leaders is another.

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