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Brazen Tops Capterra’s 2022 Virtual Event Software Shortlist

Oct 19, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Capterra has placed Brazen in the number one spot for Virtual Event Software this year, topping the list of 350 other competitors and software providers thanks to our high popularity scores and user ratings!

Just as we took the top-three spot among 750+ platforms for event management software and also made Capterra’s 2022 Best Recruiting Software shortlist earlier this year, this acclaim as both an established player and top performer in the virtual event software market only strengthens our resolve to provide even more value to TA teams through our virtual recruiting event platform and suite of candidate engagement solutions.

Capterra 2022 Virtual Event Software Shortlist

Helping Users Build Better Virtual Events

Brazen’s strengths lie in enabling organizations to “easily build powerful virtual events and online career fairs” via high-demand features such as live video broadcasting, video chat, chatbots, and automated recruiting tools. It’s the recommended solution for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals looking to source, attract, engage, and retain top talent, connecting with candidates at scale while promoting a personalized candidate experience.

Whether they represent a private or government organization, non-profit, university, educational institution, or interest group, Brazen’s versatility allows it to be highly effective for recruitment teams operating in varied industries to host single-company career fairs, multi-company career fairs, networking, student and alumni networking events, virtual orientation, employee engagement events, and more.

Think Brazen may be a good fit for your organization and virtual or hybrid hiring strategy?

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