4 Effective Ways to Passively Attract Job Candidates

Jun 06, 2017 - Joe Matar
Attracting great candidates who may not necessarily be looking for a job can be an exhausting endeavor. It takes internal resources like time and money, and carries costs and risk. Fortunately, there are some low-maintenance ways for you to build an inbound funnel of possible candidates. Here are 4 tips to help you interest hard-to-reach talent.

1. Optimize your site to convert employee leads

Your website is open 24/7–365. More than likely, your site is optimized to convert visitors into leads. You may have pop-ups or CTAs all focused on driving inbound sales leads, but you may want to consider also optimizing some key pages to convert potential candidates. Research suggests that 51% of employees are looking to leave their current job. This statistic indicates that you have a good chance of converting website visitors into employee leads if you push that agenda. Set up conversion points on your website to collect names and emails of possible hires who have an interest in working for your company. Then, you can develop email campaigns to send to that list once you are ready to hire.

2. Keep high-turnover job applications open

Many companies close job applications once an employee is hired. However, Forbes suggests that an average of 46% of new hires will fail within 18 months of being hired. Over those 18 months, there is a good possibility that you would have found a viable candidate to replace the now-empty position. Keeping job applications open will help you continue to grow your pool of interested candidates. This strategy is great for passively generating new applicants, but it should only be used for high-turnover positions. When you leave your job applications open, you are leading applicants to believe there is a position available. While this is a great way to generate passive candidates, it should be used sparingly.

3. Turn your current employees into brand advocates

One of the most innovative ways to passively recruit candidates is to turn your current employees into brand advocates. By developing a company that engages, rewards, and challenges its employees, you’ll create disciples to promote and share their positive experiences with the world. Turning your current employees into advocates is a process that may take many weeks, months, or years depending on the size and age of your company. Often, older companies find it extremely difficult to change company culture after it’s in place. However, a flourishing company culture isn’t just a way for you to attract and find passive candidates, it’s also a way for you to retain your great employees.

4. Be a thought-leader in your space

Positioning your brand as a thought-leader in your industry is another way to drive more interested candidates to your company without actively recruiting. Industry thought-leaders tend to naturally attract quality employees. There are several strategies for positioning your brand as a thought-leader. You can create an industry-specific content portal on your website. Use this portal to share quality articles that relate to your business, industry, and peripheral topics. An onsite content platform helps you build equity in your website and brand. Other ways for you to position your brand as a thought-leader include:
  • Build an active following on social media
  • Contribute to other blogs or news websites in your industry
  • Collect and use an email list
  • Attend and speak at relevant conferences, workshops, and meetups
Hold a virtual tour of your company and engage potential hires using a chat platform like Brazen. Creating a chat event can attract passive hires curious to know what it’s like to work for you. Developing a strategy for attracting new employees, even when you aren’t looking, is an excellent way to improve your hiring process. Always stay open to searching business sites like LinkedIn by job title, contact possible candidates via InMail messaging. With the right offer, talent can often be persuaded to join your enterprise. Derek Miller, MBA is a digital marketing expert with a background in content, SEO, PR and email and social media marketing. He works for a CopyPress, a content marketing company based in Tampa, FL. Follow Derek at @ItIsMillerTime