4 ways to promote your virtual career fairs using text recruiting

Aug 13, 2019 - Cat DiStasio

Imagine this: you host a party and nobody shows up.

You set the date and time, you made a killer playlist, and you even thought about what to say to your guests. But nobody showed up. 

Maybe you didn’t send the invitations to the right people. Maybe you didn’t send them in time. Maybe you sent them to an old address. 

This would be a humbling experience if it happened at home, but if you’re hosting a virtual career fair, this could be really bad for your organization and possibly even for your career. 

We’ve covered the bases on all the reasons that virtual career fairs can help you save time and money, but you still need to connect with the right candidates and convince them to join your online event. You can (and should) send out emails and promote your virtual career fairs on your social media channels, but since more candidates are saying they prefer text messages from recruiters, it’s important to have a text recruiting strategy for promoting your virtual career fairs as well. Read on to learn how to use text messages to help ensure your next virtual career fair is a successful event.

Be authentic and use your (brand) voice 

When you think about using text recruiting to reach out to candidates, it’s important to be consistent and use the same brand voice and level of authenticity that you use on other channels. This gives job seekers a sense of familiarity and helps build trust, which makes it more likely for them to do what you want them to do

If you’re not sure how to convey your brand voice, take the time to evaluate your employer brand’s archetype before you create a text recruiting strategy for promoting your virtual career fairs. By making your company’s culture and personality evident throughout your communications, you’ll give job seekers even more reasons to engage with you (and they might even want to tell their friends). 

Rely on past data to inform your strategies

Or, put more simply, use what you know. Any time you reach out to people with the hopes of convincing them to do something (in this case, attend your virtual career fair), you’ll have better results with a personalized, relevant approach. Segment your candidates based on what you know about them. You’ve collected a ton of information in your candidate database, particularly about candidates’ behaviors and past actions, and that’s pure gold when devising strategies for marketing your virtual career fairs. Text recruiting is a great way to reach out to candidates who have chatted with you on your career site (either through your recruiting chatbot or with a live recruiter), candidates you met previously at an in-person event, and past applicants who have the chops but just didn’t get selected for the position they previously applied for. In all of these examples, text recruiting is an effective way to keep the conversation going between candidates and recruiters.

Use a top virtual career platform 

If you really want your next virtual career fair to be a success, partner with one of the top virtual career fair platforms to make the process easier and more effective, both for your recruiters and for job seekers. Most virtual career fair platforms make it easy to generate custom event links, and sharing those links via text message is a simple way to get the word out. But don’t stop there. When choosing a virtual career fair platform, look for a vendor that offers unique URLs for registration landing pages, so you can send job seekers straight to the event that matches their profile. Also, be sure to look for registration pages that are optimized for mobile, since candidates will be reading your text messages on their phone, after all. Lastly, you’ll also want to use a platform that has registration pages that will maximize the number of registrants. 

Make wise decisions about timing 

Don’t be like the telemarketers who always call at dinnertime. As with all your communications with candidates, consider what time of the day your target audience would prefer to hear from you via text message. Most job seekers might prefer daytime messages while some (like nurses) might prefer evening texts, since they are often working later shifts. Texting candidates too early in the day or too late in the evening might turn them off, even if they would otherwise be interested in participating in your virtual career fair. 

Turning texts into action

The average American checks their phone 80 times a day and some sources suggest they send and receive over 90 text messages a day. If you want to grab candidates’ attention, you have to figure out how to differentiate your messaging from the rest of the noise. And if you want to motivate those candidates to read your messages, click your links, and attend your virtual career fairs, you need to carefully consider when, how, and what you text candidates when inviting them to your recruiting events. Your next virtual career fair may not be the party of the century but with a strong plan in place, you can improve your chances of attracting your ideal candidates and making more great hires.

Still wondering which virtual career fair platform to use? Check out this article on the top 4 virtual career fairs on the market.

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