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5 Benefits of Making Virtual Events a Part of Your Multi-Employer Career Fair Strategy

Aug 25, 2021 - Valery Caputi Lopez

If you've hosted a multi-employer career fair before, you know the amount of work that goes into setting one up, with planning starting well before the actual event date. But, what if from one day to the next you found out that your event would have to be cancelled because of forces beyond your control?

That's been the situation for many event hosts since March 2020, who found that their in-person events were at the mercy of rapidly changing dynamics regarding the Covid-19 virus and subsequent surges.

So, how can you continue planning ahead for successful events, knowing that factors beyond your control may continue disrupting the planning cycle?

That’s where virtual events come in to play.

Here are five reasons making virtual events a part of your ongoing career fair strategy can benefit you as a multi-employer career fair host both in the short and long term.

1) Virtual Events are Pandemic-Proof

Even when in-person gatherings become untenable for an undefined amount of time, you can count on virtual event platforms to be a great way to connect employers and job seekers. Not only can you quickly pivot an onsite event onto a virtual career fair platform like Brazen, but it’s also a great idea to create an ongoing series of virtual events in your overall programming strategy, so you can offer a wider range of opportunities to your talent pool, and also make it faster, easier, and more convenient for everyone involved to participate.

You can always count on a virtual career fair event to keep everyone safe, giving you and your sponsors, employers, and attendees peace of mind and enabling consistency and predictability in the long-term.

2) Virtual Events are More Accessible

A greater variety of applicants will be able to join online events versus in-person ones, opening the doors to a much more diverse and robust talent pool. DEI hiring initiatives are a top priority for many employers today, and virtual events provide a tangible way to attract and engage diverse talent. In addition, because these events are accessible via mobile devices, both in-office and remote workers can participate at their convenience without sacrificing face time with recruiters and hiring managers.

3) Virtual Events Save Money, Time & Effort, for Everyone

Virtual events reduce many costs associated with in-person events, such as travel costs, food expenses, hotel stays, or venue rental fees. They are also much easier for many employers to utilize due to reduced expenses and logistics (no more expensive onsite installation build outs!) so they can instead focus on providing the right messaging with their digital resources and equipping digital booth representatives to shine online.

A modern virtual event platform (like Brazen!) offers fully customizable booths that can be modified to showcase employers’ brands, allowing them to interact with visitors via video or text chat to deliver an integrated and personalized attendee experience. Moreover, since a virtual event doesn’t require several days out of an attendee’s schedule, many Brazen clients love the fact that they are better able to staff their virtual booths with representatives from across the organization and from diverse locations.

4) Virtual Events Give You Better Feedback & Speed Up Follow Up for Employers

Premier virtual events like Brazen’s give you data insights that are simply lacking from most in-person events, letting you know exactly what works, what doesn't, and what can be changed to improve the candidate experience for your attendees, all in real-time. Look for a platform that features 24/7 help and support for attendees and presenters to create a better experience for everyone overall.

Also, by measuring attendance rates, sign ups, engagement, interview ratings, and offering easy access to resumes or attendee feedback, you’ll be able to offer your employers high-value data about the event itself, which will keep them coming back for more while empowering them to apply those learnings to any future virtual events.

5) Virtual Events Are Fun & Drive Engagement!

There are so many types of virtual events and activities you can host within your multi-employer career fair to keep engagement high! From live Q&As with industry experts, to breakout sessions, to interactive games and trivia challenges, it's fun to create entertaining experiences for candidates within the virtual environment that reduces attendee stress while enriching the attendee experience. Just make sure that your chosen entertainment is a good reflection of your company culture and brand to further immerse your guests in your message while they're interacting with your event programming.

In conclusion, now’s the time to include virtual events in your annual event strategy (if you haven’t already). You'll find that they offer an easy, affordable, accessible, effective, fun, and most importantly, pandemic-proof way to get the job done, and then some. 

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