5 Fresh Ways to Enhance Your Recruiting Using Social Media

Aug 22, 2017 - Joe Matar
It’s 2017 and even with an impressive team of head-hunters, companies still lag behind in recruiting. This is due to changes in the job market, but you can even the playing field by thinking like a marketer and enhancing the way you reach out to job seekers who are searching for openings. First off, know this: 54% of jobseekers read reviews online, while 59% of them save jobs on their mobile devices and later apply for them on desktop. Also, a large chunk of young jobseekers (86%) turn to social media not only to look up vacancies but also to learn more about a particular company and its work culture. In fact, in 2016, 84% of companies recruited candidates via social media. So, here’s a quick lowdown on using various social media platforms to up your recruitment game. Take a look:  

1. Recruiting using LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be the place for professionals to network, interact, post, and find jobs, but it is losing popularity due to intense competition. However, there are still some great reasons to stick with LinkedIn, like sharing posts and articles relevant to career, its productivity, leadership, inspiration and interview tips, and having a place to keep an active company profile. But, you need to change the game. Try exploring these lesser-known aspects of the site:
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition – Subscribe to the LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition and get advanced search features, search alerts and the option to contact candidates using InMail.
  • LinkedIn Job Slot – Renew or keep positions open on the platform for more than a month, receive real-time candidate recommendations, change job postings more frequently, sync the postings on your website and LinkedIn or add third-party tracking URLs to measure recruiting campaign success.
  • Recruitment Ads – LinkedIn’s ad-targeting algorithm lets you target members who are either looking actively or not looking actively for new opportunities.
  • Apply With LinkedIn – Add the ‘Apply With LinkedIn’ feature to the career section of your website to make the application process more instantaneous for candidates.
  • Boolean Search – It is possible to run a Boolean search on LinkedIn using a mix of Boolean logic and advanced search operators to track down top candidates.  

2. Recruiting using Facebook

The Facebook for Business feature makes it easier for companies to post jobs on the platform. Here’s how you can make the most of it:
  • Create a Career Page – Use your company’s career page on the platform to showcase your culture, how you work as an organization, behind-the-scenes photos, celebrations, award ceremonies and so on. Make sure that your company page is up to date and has important information ready for candidates, including your relevant contact information.
  • Boost unique job posts – Create unique job posts, which easily get the attention of jobseekers. The secret sauce is writing great copy with all your hiring details, which will make job seekers respond without a second thought. Creating a video ad is one of the ways you can target candidates and pique their interest.  
  • Make Live Videos Facebook Live Video is yet another way to interact with and engage potential candidates. Just gather your HR team and interact in real-time. A case in point is that of Hubspot, whose recruiting team opted for a Live Video on Facebook in 2016 to give potential recruits a better idea about careers.

3. Recruiting using Twitter

After LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter is the topmost hunting ground for recruiters. To recruit talent on Twitter:
  • Create compelling Tweets – We all know Twitter has a limit of 140 characters or less, which can be a restraint for recruiters. Nevertheless, you can always create compelling, short tweets with a URL containing more details so that job seekers respond immediately. An alternative can be to use a customized image that answers major candidate questions.
    These ideas will also help.
  • Tweak that bio – When you’re on Twitter, do as the Twitterati do. Write an impressive Twitter bio, make the background picture relevant to your brand/business. Also, do mention the career page of your company in the bio if you’ve created a special career page.  
  • Use relevant hashtags – Twitter is always abuzz with activities and this is where you need to actively engage your target audience. Use relevant hashtags (find them with a site like Hashtagify) as you tweet job openings or post about anything else happening in the firm. This will help increase visibility for your firm when candidates search for jobs. HR recruiting
  • Don’t forget to keep the follower count increasing! In order to be successful in social media recruitment, it is important to make sure you have a steady stream of followers who keep sharing and talking about your content. For this, all you need is the best digital marketing team, or, tools that do the work for you. You can also take use these pointers to see a visible difference in your follower count!

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4. Recruiting using Pinterest

Believe it or not, the image-sharing website Pinterest is also handy when it comes to finding and recruiting talent. This is what you can do:
  • Create a board with a catchy heading, including an About Us board.
  • Create a pinning strategy. You’ll need to constantly add new pins to remain visible. But don’t overcrowd the board(s) and only use pins that are innovative and relevant.
  • Share infographics, guides, images, artwork, glimpses of company events, and videos. Always use high-quality media and steer clear of low-quality, stock content.
  • Have different job positions? Create separate boards for them. For instance, you can use separate boards for managers, network, finance, PR, HR and so on.
  • If you want to gain more visibility, try using Promoted Pins.

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5. Recruiting using Instagram

There are more than 600 million Instagrammers, which means an entire pool of talent right in front of you! Here’s how you can attract them:
  • Use Instagram Stories to share a typical day at work or a special occasion and use hashtags with branded keywords to get noticed.
  • Post photos, videos, boomerang images or collages of employees in a meeting, at work or hanging out after work. Similarly, you can also upload posts showing interns in action or how a team celebrates the success of a project!
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Bonus tip 1: Borrow daring guerrilla recruiting tactics

You can draw attention to your campaign in several offbeat ways with guerilla recruitment strategies like these: The Swedish Armed Forces used a 4-day livestreaming experiment on social media to attract new recruits. It placed an anonymous black box in Stockholm in which every hour, someone entered through a controlled airlock. There was no information or instruction and the room was streamed to the army’s campaign page on social media. A stranger willing to trade places with the occupant was the only way to leave the box. The campaign led to nearly 10,000 applications! In the same vein, Mastercard Canada ran a social media campaign with the hashtag #internswanted  to invite college students to the opportunity to compete for an internship with the firm. Each of the applicants had to submit an idea, technique or app for a cashless future. The best of the lot were judged based on the amount of ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’. The firm received over 500 qualified candidates as a result!

Bonus tip 2: Beat the competition

There’s some serious competition in the social media space for recruiting talent. Analyzing your competitors using metrics such as follower count, engagement rate, campaigns and interactions will definitely help you assess your growth and performance pitted against others. But apart from these, you also need to find ways to outdo your competitors with some smart moves. A case in point is that of Snapchat’s geofilter recruiting campaign used for luring employees from well-known startups! Even online Q/A sites or communities like Quora, Stack Overflow, Reddit and Tumblr have a steady pool of talent. Interacting with individuals will give you a better insight into their capabilities. Basically, you need to explore every imaginable social channel for mining talent. These are a few of the ways you can amplify basic social media recruiting at your firm (it also helps to keep an eye on upcoming trends that might affect your business). If you have any other tips related to using social for recruiting, do share them in the comments section! Brian Zeng is the owner of Ponbee.com. Through Ponbee, Brian shares his insights on an array of topics related to business, e-commerce, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.