5 ways to master your seasonal hiring strategies

Aug 29, 2019 - Cat DiStasio

Recruiting is a complicated endeavor. There’s no two ways about it.

Recruiting for seasonal positions presents a host of unique challenges and hurdles. If you understand what job seekers are looking for in a short-term, temporary position—as well as what they want from the recruiting process for that position—you can improve your seasonal hiring strategies and get better results.

In order to conquer your seasonal hiring goals, you need to learn what seasonal job seekers want, where they search for jobs and how best to communicate with them. But you can’t stop there. You also need to crack the code without overextending your recruiting team or busting your budget.  

We identified five approaches that can help talent acquisition leaders equip their teams with the tools and strategies to reach their seasonal hiring goals, year after year.

Getting the word out

Recruitment marketing is a key component of all hiring but it’s especially important when it comes to recruiting for seasonal positions. When recruiting for seasonal positions, timing is everything. You want to get your job postings and your careers site in front of the right candidates before they accept a position with another seasonal employer. 

So, how do you make that happen? 

The good news is that you don’t have to reinvent your recruitment marketing strategies. Most likely, you already have strategies outlined that you can apply to your seasonal hiring goals. You just need to think about them a little differently. 

  • University hires - Universities are a great place to market seasonal positions, but don’t get tunnel vision about targeting young students. Non-traditional students, especially those with prior career experience, can become ideal seasonal candidates.
  • Programmatic advertising - A must for high volume employers, programmatic advertising can not only target job seekers who are actively searching for seasonal jobs but can also retarget job seekers who abandoned an application on your careers site. By displaying ads on other sites they visit, programmatic advertising can inspire job seekers to give your organization a second look and complete their application.
  • Referrals - Some of the best candidates come through referrals from your current employees, and this is just as true for seasonal positions as it is for regular employee positions. Communicate internally about seasonal openings, offer a referral bonus, and encourage referrals at every level of your organization.

Make data your teammate

Learning from data is the best way to improve your seasonal hiring tactics. Data analytics can help you determine how and when to find the best candidates so you can go right after them, rather than wasting time, energy and money on channels where job seekers aren’t active. 

Once you construct a data-informed picture of your ideal candidates, you have to put those insights into action. Use those insights to create candidate personas that can guide your recruiting conversations and help you give job seekers the candidate experience they want, and set your organization apart from your competition.

Let AI assist you

Seasonal recruiting campaigns are typically a busy time for any talent acquisition team. A recruiting chatbot can help by extending the capabilities of your team and being there when your human team can’t. Because seasonal hiring moves so quickly, it’s crucial to offer a round-the-clock presence that can help job seekers find answers to their questions. 

A recruiting chatbot can also help keep candidates engaged when they would otherwise bail. More than half (55%) of job seekers who interact with a recruiting chatbot are willing to share their name, email address, and to answer other relevant questions in order to be connected with a recruiter. Whether you set up your chatbot to transfer job seekers directly to a recruiter or collect their contact information to reach out to them later, a recruiting chatbot can help you make a positive impression and give you what you need in order to continue the conversation.

On top of all this, a recruiting chatbot can also help strengthen your employer brand, another key component of a successful recruitment marketing campaign.

Online conversations

Your seasonal candidates may appreciate having immediate access to recruiters via online chat so it’s important to decide whether that makes sense for your team. There are a few different approaches you might take to satisfy that preference. You might set up your recruiting chatbot to offer multiple choice selections to help job seekers find the information they need, but after engaging with the bot, they might still have questions that only a human can answer. During office hours, you can allow job seekers to request to chat with a live recruiter. 

Alternately, you can use online chat to follow up on chatbot conversations the next day, if a job seeker interacts with a recruiting chatbot after hours. Scheduled group chats are another way to show job seekers that you’re interested in building a relationship.

Host seasonal hiring events online

Virtual career fairs are a great fit for seasonal hiring. The types of people who may be looking for seasonal work typically have busy schedules and may already be employed elsewhere. Hosting a virtual career fair can help you reach job seekers that wouldn’t have time to make it to an in-person career fair, and can also save you time and money

Who will attend your virtual career fair for seasonal positions? Good question. Obviously, you’ll want to market the event like you would a regular career fair. But virtual career fairs also offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with past candidates in your database - the ones who have great skills but weren’t a fit for the position they applied for (or maybe even the seasonal staff you employed the previous year!). It’s possible they are still looking for their next permanent position and would consider a seasonal position in the meantime, or perhaps they know someone else who would be interested in the roles you’re hiring for.

To everything, there is a season

Whether you’re approaching your busiest seasonal hiring cycle or just winding down from it, taking the time to think through your strategies can help you save time and money while connecting with the ideal candidates for your seasonal roles. Put these tips to work for your organization to improve the candidate experience, strengthen your employer brand, and improve the quality of your seasonal hires.

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