5 ways to use video in virtual career fairs

Mar 10, 2020 - Cat DiStasio
Video is an essential part of recruiting and it’s not a passing trend. Video is the next best thing to real human connection, so it’s no wonder that today’s job seekers love it and want to see more. Since virtual career fairs are basically the online version of traditional in-person events, they need videos to deliver the human element that could be easily lost in a tech-driven platform. Before you hit record, spend some time thinking about your virtual career fairs and how video can help you tell the story of your organization in a way that shows job seekers what they want to know about their potential future employer. Video, as a medium, allows recruiters to be creative about how and when they communicate with candidates. There is no limit to the possible applications for video in virtual career fairs, but we’ll get you started with five suggestions that can help you elevate your virtual hiring events. 

Video #1: The promotional videos

This doesn’t mean what you think it means. Rather than the boring company promotional videos of yesteryear, today’s recruiters can create videos to promote upcoming virtual career fairs. These videos should help candidates prepare for a virtual career fair by explaining the format of the event, the jobs involved, and make suggestions that will help them develop questions to ask during the event. Share links to these videos with your virtual career fair email invitations and promotions on social media, and other channels. This type of promo video will help get candidates excited about participating in your upcoming virtual career fair, and is likely to create more engaged candidates throughout the recruiting process.

Video #2: The hiring manager video

Candidates prefer to watch videos of hiring managers to company overviews and recruiter videos by a large margin. Virtual career fairs offer another opportunity to give them what they want. Put hiring managers front and center in the videos you show during your virtual career fairs, from the welcome video to a video that explains the attributes of an ideal employee. Live-streaming video is another great option for featuring a hiring manager, who can answer candidate questions in real time during a virtual hiring event.

Video #3: The ‘day in the life’ video

Today’s job seekers want a comprehensive understanding of what it will actually be like if they get the job, and video is a great way to show them. Produce videos that show candidates what it’s like on the job with a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the roles you’re featuring. You can also use employee profile videos so candidates can hear feedback about the position and the company culture directly from people who are already doing the job.

Video #4: The recruiter video

Videos of recruiters may not be a favorite among candidates but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. In a video during a virtual career fair, a recruiter can explain the recruiting process, timeline, and communication methods to set up expectations. For best results, use these videos sparingly and keep them short and to the point.

Video #5: The thank you video

The benefits of video in virtual career fairs shouldn’t end when the event does. Use video messages via email to thank candidates for attending and educate them about the next steps. For candidates who didn’t attend, you might create a different video with a “sorry we missed you” video and an invitation to a future event or online chat. Create different videos for each category of candidate from your job fair, so that each candidate watches a video that is relevant and appropriate for their stage in the recruiting process. 

Video can transform your virtual career fair

By infusing virtual career fairs with relevant, engaging videos, recruiters can help deliver the informative and immersive experience candidates are craving. Using a variety of different videos within a single virtual career fair helps elevate the candidate experience as well. Don’t limit yourself to the videos in this article, either. Once you’ve mastered these basics, review your results and let them inspire your creativity, then produce other videos to improve your virtual career fairs even more. And in case you haven't heard, we added live video broadcasting capabilities to our platform. To learn more about this amazing new feature, check out this page and sign up for a free demo. top 4 virtual career fairs get a demo

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