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Career Fair Promotion: 6 Ways to Promote your Virtual Career Fair

Feb 06, 2020 - Cat DiStasio

The whole point of hosting a virtual career fair is to connect with more (and better) candidates for your job reqs. But just like throwing a party, nobody will come if you don’t send out any invitations.

Where virtual career fairs are concerned, you need a solid promotion strategy to attract candidates to your virtual career fair in order to enjoy all the benefits virtual career fairs offer.

In today’s article, we’re going to spend the majority of the time discussing the best channels to use to promote your virtual career fairs. But before deciding on a channel, it’s important to make sure you craft a message about your VCFs that is compelling and strong enough to attract candidates to sign up. So before we get into the channels, here are a few quick tips on messaging: 

1) Put the details of the event in the copy. 

2) Create some urgency. If your event is approaching, tell candidates that they must sign up fast. Or, if you have a limited number of seats for the event, make sure you mention that, too. 

3) Create a clear call-to-action. If someone is supposed to click on the link to register, set their expectations before they click through. This will help with conversions.

Once you understand how to craft quality messages that will attract candidates, you can move on to creating your promotion strategy.

Social Media

This almost seems too simple to say but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked. You should promote your virtual career fairs on every social network you’re active on (or, on every social network your audience is active, which you should already be active on.) Tailor the message to each individual social platform, which means using appropriate image sizes and hashtags based on best practices. With LinkedIn and Facebook, you have much more room for the text part of your message (compared to Twitter). Use it to your advantage.

What should your social media posts actually say? In addition to the best practices we share at the beginning of this article, keep in mind that you want to craft messages that convey your employer brand voice accurately. If you don’t know what your brand archetype is, this is a good time to find out.


This is where the party metaphor comes back. It’s time to send out some invites! Send email invitations to candidates. Make it a simple email or create an entire email campaign, depending on how much time you have for promotion and how many candidates you want to engage with. For most people, messages don’t stick the first time, so don’t feel bad about sending multiple messages, as long as you aren’t harassing them (and you’ll know if candidates think you’re overdoing it by looking at your unsubscribe rates).

Who should get an email invitation? Create email lists from your database based on candidate profiles that match the positions you’re highlighting during your virtual career fair. And as you craft these emails, keep one last tip in mind: make sure email messages are mobile-friendly (that’s how more than 70 percent of people are reading their email). 

Text Messages

Texting is another overlooked but incredibly valuable channel for promoting your virtual career fairs. Before you start firing off texts, spend some time creating a text recruiting strategy based on best practices. Similar to your approach to email promotion, we recommend you segment candidates in your database and send personalized messages using your authentic employer brand voice. There are a few unique considerations for text messages, too. First, be sure you’re texting at appropriate times of the day (consult your candidate personas to determine when). Also, use a link shortener since you typically have less space in a text to get your message across.

Your careers site

Don’t overlook your careers site. Your career site is the most trafficked place in your digital ecosystem and so there are plenty of eyeballs there to attract.  And since candidates and job seekers are accustomed to seeing “Apply Now” when they pursue your site, advertising your virtual career fairs will be a welcome sight. Our data also shows that this will increase your conversions on your career site by up to 40%!

Your recruiting chatbot

Let your recruiting chatbot help spread the word. Your recruiting chatbot can share information about upcoming virtual career fairs when interacting with candidates before or after they apply to a position. As with the other communication channels mentioned above, make sure your recruiting chatbot uses your employer brand voice and verbiage that appeals to your ideal candidates.

Programmatic advertising

If you really want to boost your promotion and you have discretionary dollars to spend, invest in programmatic advertising. Traditionally, programmatic advertising is used to promote jobs on websites across the web where your candidates are but this strategy can be duplicated for promoting your virtual job fairs as well. This doesn’t mean you have to become an expert in paid advertising (unless you really want to) because most vendors that specialize in programmatic advertising will manage your investment so that you are optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your ROI. This means more candidates attending your virtual career fairs at a lower cost.

Focus on relationships during your virtual career fair

Using a multichannel promotion strategy to attract candidates to your virtual career fair helps spread the word farther so you can make more connections with more candidates. When you Invest the time and energy in a robust promotion strategy, you can relax on the day of the virtual career fair and put your full focus into the quality of the conversations you have with your candidates. The strategy you created can also be recycled and repeated for future virtual career fairs, informed by the results of each previous event. Over time, this will save you effort while attracting better candidates to your virtual career fairs.

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