7 Talent Acquisition Mistakes You're Currently Making [SlideShare]

Jul 12, 2016 - Joe Matar
Wouldn’t it be great if recruiting were like baking? A few cups of experience, a tablespoon or two of technical know-how, a dash of just the right certifications. How easy it would be to fill positions if you could Weird Science your way to the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, as many of us know, finding someone whose life experience and education are crafted just for the position you're filling is often a pipe dream. Whether it’s a lack of applicants, a lack of qualified candidates, or a lack of accepted offers,  it can be pretty frustrating trying to find top talent in today’s candidate-driven market. Don’t be too quick to blame the candidate pool though — all too often, the real reason for your struggles lies with the man (or woman) in the mirror. Ask yourself:
  • Are you having trouble getting candidates to fill out your applications?
  • Are candidates are slipping through your fingers and choosing other companies?
  • Are you engaging candidates continually, or only when you have a specific position to fill?
You could very well be making one of these seven deadly talent acquisition mistakes. These mistakes can often go unnoticed, as many of them have been in practice for years. But let’s face it — the past few decades have left the modern business landscape virtually unrecognizable, and recruiting practices must follow. Avoid the mistakes listed in this playbook to modernize your recruiting efforts and, more importantly, make a significant difference in the talent you’re acquiring. Check out Brazen’s SlideShare to get started:
7 Talent Acquisition Mistakes You're Currently Making (A Recruiter's Ultimate Guide) from Brazen

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