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AdventHealth: Building a Strong Employer Brand

Aug 05, 2022 - Tiffany Monhollon
Based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, AdventHealth has more than 65,000+ team members throughout 50+ hospitals and hundreds of care sites throughout 9 states. Even with their huge footprint, AdventHealth is still committed to treating each candidate with the highest level of engagement no matter where they are in the hiring process or where they are located. That’s why AdventHealth turned to Brazen.

Better connections with Brazen’s virtual assistant solution

AdventHealth didn’t want to be seen as another company with an impersonal application process where employers have little interaction with job seekers as they apply and where job seekers have no window into the process. Instead, they want to create an amazing candidate experience where candidates can easily get what they want, when they want it. That’s why AdventHealth first engaged with Brazen.

They started using Brazen’s virtual assistant that can answer candidates’ questions 24/7, no recruiter needed. The virtual assistant lives on the career site and once a job seeker comes to the site, the virtual assistant is waiting to answer any questions that may arise. And once the job seeker engages the virtual assistant, the conversation occurs right then and there. No navigating and searching all over the site for the answers. It’s a great user experience. “From a branding standpoint, we are grateful for these innovative resources that help us engage and stay connected with talent,” Davion Walker, their Senior Events Strategist, tells us.

A quest for more RN applicants

AdventHealth saw another area to improve in their recruitment process: turnout at their quarterly in-person RN hiring events. Previously, the events required candidates to travel to a physical location and attend a session for three hours in the middle of the workday. That can be a big ask for candidates who already hold nursing jobs where it is difficult to take time off and typically have demanding schedules both during and after work. AdventHealth wondered how many great candidates they were missing out on just because the candidates weren’t able to attend those in-person events on the specific dates.

So they decided to go virtual with their events instead. When AdventHealth switched to holding these events virtually through Brazen, they saw an immediate increase in attendance.

After the original event successes, the AdventHealth team had ideas to get even more people to their events; they created a whole new marketing campaign supported by creative imagery and ads. After implementing the new marketing campaign, their next event had over 600 RNs register, and their recruiters spoke to 300 RNs at the 2-day event.

“This new model offered much more flexibility for candidates. It allowed us to cast a wider net as many of the barriers to applying were removed,” Davion explains. In short, AdventHealth saw an increase in turnout, and a decrease in costs: a win-win!

Always engaging

Even in the face of changing hiring needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, AdventHealth has stayed committed to staying engaged with candidates. They know that this is a huge competitive advantage for them and that even if they don’t bring on a candidate today, they can leave a lasting impression with candidates that will pay off tomorrow.

“The people who had been let go or furloughed were looking to connect,” Davion notes. “Organizations are part of a community, and this is something our organization could do to support our community.”

To do this, AdventHealth used Brazen’s virtual event platform to host professional development workshops with job seekers where their recruiters would review candidates’ resumes and provide feedback and advise them on interviewing best practices. It is a great way to build meaningful connections during a period of time when there is so much disruption.

“Using Brazen is still yielding us wins in this new virtual climate,” Davion tells us.

We’re proud to work with AdventHealth as they attract top candidates through personal touches and forward-thinking hiring strategies.

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