Recruitment Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Recruitment Marketing

Aug 31, 2021 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Definition of Recruitment Marketing

*Recruitment Marketing (n): the combination of inbound marketing strategies, tools, and efforts a company or organization implements to attract, nurture, and hire qualified employees.

While recruitment marketing’s definition seems pretty simple, how recruitment marketing practices are applied can vary widely from company to company. That’s because recruitment marketing is so much more than just a set of prescriptive marketing steps; it’s a manifestation of an organization’s culture itself regarding how it wants to communicate with its prospective employees.

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What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing 101

Take a high-level look at the wonderful world of recruitment marketing and consult this blog post to freshen up your knowledge on its many benefits, manifestations, and considerations before you attempt to tackle the more complex side of this particular form of inbound marketing.

How to Write an Effective Job Posting Ad

Want to know the secrets to unlocking the hidden potential of your job ads? Then read this blog post to understand the individual parts that make a job ad successful and how they can work together to get your organization’s message across to your target audience.

What are Our Best Recruitment Marketing Tips?

Why You Need to Double Down on Recruitment Marketing Now

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Read this blog post to find out how applying marketing tactics to your hiring process and strategy sooner rather than later can help you discover the winning formula to better hiring outcomes in both the short and long term.

4 Ways Recruitment Marketing Helps you Avoid a Hiring Crisis in 2021

A must-read for any organization currently battling for talent in the competitive hiring arena, this article explains the positive impact recruitment marketing tactics and strategy can have on your hiring process, from helping you stand out from the crowd to building out your talent pipeline.

How to Make Sure Your Employer Branding Attracts the Right Candidate Personas

Knowing where you’re going is a key part of getting to your destination. So too is defining your candidate personas in order to craft your employer branding tactics and strategy. Read this blog post for a walk through of the process. Then test, tweak, rinse, and repeat!

What’s the Link Between Recruitment Marketing and Virtual Events?

5 Reasons Virtual Recruiting Events and Recruitment Marketing Work Better Together

What happens when recruitment marketing joins forces with virtual events? Simply put: candidate experience magic! Learn about the benefits of utilizing this two-pronged approach in your recruitment process to increase ROI, reduce time to hire, and recruit better job candidates than ever before.

Inside Brazen: Let’s Talk Recruitment Marketing Strategy with Drew Hebble

See recruitment marketing in a new light! We’ll share secrets and tips from Brazen’s own Sr. Director of Marketing Services aimed to help you rethink your recruiting strategy and use your resources to their full potential.