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The 6 Best Candidate Engagement Platforms

Jul 19, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Candidate engagement software enhances the experience of both applicants and recruiters in automated recruitment, but its primary purpose is to attract and encourage people to apply for job openings.

A candidate engagement platform keeps applicants engaged throughout the recruitment process. Engagement is crucial in your talent pipeline, particularly for online recruitment, because it prevents valuable candidates from dropping out of the funnel and ensures candidates form a positive impression of the company in question. Bear in mind that although applicants are competing for jobs, recruiters are also competing for qualified candidates to choose them over other companies or staffing agencies.

Brazen As a Candidate Engagement Platform

One of Brazen’s main goals is to offer a fantastic user experience to make applicants feel welcomed from the first contact and all throughout the candidate journey. This means providing recruiters with tools to keep candidate engagement high as they move through the recruitment funnel.

Brazen has several features that qualify it as a candidate engagement platform. First up is the game-changing QuickChat and FAQ Concierge that keep candidates engaged while being assessed and screened by the system’s artificial intelligence (AI) programming. These chatbots are a welcome relief for applicants who are anxious about interviewing with a recruiter and might feel more comfortable asking questions to a chatbot. QuickChat also logs answers to crucial questions so that potential candidates are quickly pre-screened and assessed, even before they've even applied. It's also a great way for recruiters to connect with their candidate pool in real-time, adding that extra level of personalization that is so important to both active job applicants and passive candidates today.

Brazen’s Virtual Hiring Events also help keep participants engaged throughout an online job fair. The platform has a virtual lobby, and from there, job seekers can join sponsored webinars, watch promotional videos of participating companies, or head straight to recruitment booths to submit their resumes. And once they receive interview prompts, they can communicate with recruiters via SMS and then transition smoothly to video conferences for a face-to-face interview as part of a seamless recruiting process.

With Brazen, recruiters can:

  • Reach 40 percent more quality talent on their job pages thanks to Brazen’s access to diverse and niche talent pools.
  • Convert five times the average candidate-to-hire rate of job ads by attracting candidates with high intent and keeping them engaged throughout the hiring process.
  • Accelerate their hiring process by reducing inefficient processes and scaling up candidates who engage so they’ll have reasons to act quickly (72 percent of recruiters say that hiring through Brazen is just as fast or faster than in-person events!).

Engagement can take many different forms, and various platforms have their ways of attracting applicants’ attention and encouraging them to stay throughout the interview and hiring processes by delivering a strong candidate experience. 

Below are five more candidate engagement software vendors with excellent candidate engagement strategies that you can check out.


Career Builder Screen

CareerBuilder uses AI to get insights into what engages their ideal candidate. Recruiters can then use the information to enhance their hiring process and keep top prospects engaged from sourcing to screening to onboarding. This candidate engagement platform also offers Talent Network, a recruitment solution that automates candidate engagement. It is a mobile-first platform that enables candidates to easily apply for open positions, whether they are on a desktop or mobile device. It also offers a text update feature called TextRecruit that makes it easier for recruiters to get in touch with qualified candidates. Jobseekers can also join talent networks quickly via Text to Join.

  • Pros: CareerBuilder streamlines the sourcing pipeline to usher qualified candidates through the recruitment process quickly. It saves time and prevents candidates from opting out of the recruitment due to a slow screening process.
  • Cons: The interface sometimes lags and turns sluggish. It lacks advanced filtering capabilities for sourcing candidates, which means irrelevant applications sometimes appear in searches.


Talentry Screen

Talentry was explicitly created for proactive recruiting. Its Talent Recruitment Platform is a central hub where recruiters can attract, engage, and retain candidates on the same platform as their applicant tracking system (ATS). In addition, it is modular with customization benefits, allowing recruiters to design a recruitment process that matches their company’s brand and needs.

Candidates experience a seamless journey as Talentry integrates job marketplaces like SAP Success Factors, Greenhouse, Smart Recruiters, and Personio. As a result, recruiters can cast a wider net, and applicants can smoothly transition from marketplace to screening. With less friction in their recruitment experience, candidates are less likely to opt-out halfway through the hiring process.

  • Pros: Talentry engages a company’s employees to become recruitment ambassadors. Applicants, therefore, have some knowledge about the company when they apply and are more enthusiastic about the recruitment. Finally, Talentry is easy to use and offers many language options.
  • Cons: The pricing for Talentry is better suited to medium and large enterprises.


ClearCompany Screen

ClearCompany is a complete talent management solution that provides HR teams with recruitment tools. This recruitment and talent management platform has robust ATS, paperless onboarding, and employee engagement solutions.

ClearCompany enables recruiters to create, manage, and promote job postings on third-party job boards and sites, such as LinkedIn, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and JobTarget. It also provides a customizable career site that companies can design to promote their brand and attract candidates to their job postings. In addition, the platform offers employers and agencies a flexible job application builder with text and video capabilities. With ClearCompany, recruiters can design and manage a satisfying candidate experience for all applicants.

  • Pros: ClearCompany assigns implementation specialists to help clients set up a recruitment hub. The platform is easy to use, and the dashboard displays published job ads and applicants’ statuses and resumes.
  • Cons: The search feature has plenty of room for improvement. It doesn’t have boolean search capabilities, so recruiters sometimes comb through too many resumes.


Hireology Screen

Hireology is a recruitment and HR management platform. It helps recruiters source candidates from multiple and diverse channels like job boards, employee referral programs, search engines, social media sites, etc. It banks a lot on referrals and makes employees active participants in recruitment —a sound strategy considering that referrals are essentially pre-screened with employees vouching for a candidate’s skills and determination.

With the referral as their first touchpoint, candidates enter a centralized and streamlined recruitment funnel that keeps them engaged at every stage. Hireology also provides automated pre-screening surveys, enabling recruiters to move qualified candidates faster through the pipeline (and the faster and smoother they progress, the happier and more engaged they can be). Finally, there’s a built-in ATS that shows the progress of each candidate and provides insights on how to build a repeatable process that helps make the hiring process move faster.

  • Pros: It streamlines hiring, HR management, and payroll into a smooth process that benefits candidates, employees, and managers. It’s low-effort for HR managers to monitor all open positions, update career pages, and customize steps to suit their organizational needs.
  • Cons: Some users encounter minor bugs when integrating third-party software systems. Hireology doesn’t publish what looks like duplicate postings, which can be a problem when hiring for similar positions.


TurboHire Screen

TurboHire is an AI-powered recruitment automation platform that pays special attention to customer engagement. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface that helps recruiters do their job quickly and smoothly. The features designed for recruiters also benefit applicants because they also experience those conveniences like automated scheduling, an accessible career site where they can drop their resumes, and prompt offer emails notifying candidates that they have been selected for the position for which they applied.

TurboHire also has a built-in video conferencing app that enables recruiters and candidates to hold video interviews without having to leave the platform. Lastly, the platform speeds up the recruitment process by using AI technology not only to help recruiters screen resumes but also to suggest the most suitable job postings to candidates based on the skills and previous job experiences that they wrote in their profiles.

Pros: During video interviews, recruiters can view a resume on the screen while talking to and evaluating the candidate face to face.

Cons: The meeting/interview feature still needs improvement as attendees sometimes get dropped off a call without warning. Email alerts from TubroHire get routed to the trash instead of the inbox, so users need to be vigilant with their emails to avoid missing important information.


With Brazen and the other solutions mentioned on this list, you can keep candidates engaged and nurture them towards the last stage of recruitment. Maintaining engagement increases hiring success rates and greatly reduces time-to-hire. If these are part of your recruitment goals, get in touch with our Sales team today. You can also book a demonstration to better look at what Brazen can do for you.

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