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Best Candidate Sourcing Tools for Recruiters

Aug 15, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

Talent sourcing is the process of finding, reaching out to, and networking with potential candidates for an organization's job openings. Applicants actively looking for employment often make up a significant portion of sourced talents. Still, even employed people can also become potential candidates if given attractive enough offers (a strategy called passive candidate sourcing). The best candidate sourcing tools and software are made to help recruiters and talent acquisition teams do all of these activities efficiently.

Savvy recruiters and hiring managers choose a talent sourcing solution that effectively broadens their reach and helps them achieve their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals. It’s not just about reaching as many people as possible, but rather reaching qualified candidates who are potentially a good fit for the hiring company and keeping them engaged throughout the recruiting process for both current and future roles.

Having the right candidate pipeline tools and access to extensive talent pool networks can go a long way when you’re after quantity and top quality for your talent pipeline.

Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace

Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace helps recruiters find niche and diverse candidate pools and put their DEI recruitment strategies into practice. Candidates in the Sourcing Marketplace range from workers looking for jobs that pay by the hour to advanced professionals looking for full-time employment, all with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Employers can cast a wide net with a broad job posting or look for people with a very specific skill set and qualifications.

Recruiters and recruitment teams alike can also take advantage of Brazen's virtual hiring event platform as a sourcing tool in itself. Online job fairs attract many job seekers — including passive candidates who are curious about other employment opportunities even if they’re not yet ready to interview at this instant. And since Brazen collects data and runs analytics on every event, hiring managers will know which partners or sources bring in the best candidates and deserve more of their budget.

Brazen provides the tools and resources to access better quality hires and improve recruitment efficiency. Staffing and recruitment agencies and companies with massive internal hiring needs will see valuable ROI from using the platform and its Sourcing Marketplace.

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But no two organizations' goals are exactly alike. To help you find the best fit for your hiring needs, here are five other vendors whose candidate pipeline tools can help refine your candidate sourcing solution and attract the active candidates you want into your recruitment process.


A widely-used talent sourcing solution, Hired cuts down the screening time for recruiters by pre-screening applications, so when recruiters finally go on the Hired marketplace, the applicants they meet are skilled, experienced, and – most importantly – ready to interview. What's even better is that Hired makes their diversity tools and bias reduction toggle available to all packages, including their most affordable Access and Basic subscriptions.

With its broad range of subscription types, many companies of different sizes can benefit from Hired during their candidate search.

  • Pros: Hired’s candidate pipeline tools are recruiter-friendly. It allows recruiters to create employer profiles to attract applicants, and it has a direct messaging feature that lets recruiters contact candidates as quickly as possible.
  • Cons: If a candidate becomes inactive but still in the hiring process (i.e., the candidate goes on vacation or the recruiter puts them on hold), the platform deactivates them. Recruiters have to remember them and manually reactivate their applications.


As one of the largest job platforms online, AngelList is an excellent candidate sourcing solution for recruitment agencies and tech companies. With AngelList, recruiters can promote the employers they represent, post job vacancies, shortlist applicants, and manage candidate pipelines. They also have many helpful recruiting tools and features that help screen applicants and schedule interviews, like applicants’ time zones, remote work preferences, and application status (for instance, it shows if an applicant is ready to interview or welcomes offers).

An advantage of AngelList is that it is very popular among job seekers, especially in the technical field. Over 750,000 developers and 170,000 designers have talent profiles on the platform.

  • Pros: It has advanced search filters that work very well in finding specific candidates and quickly narrows down prospects to the cream of the crop. AngelList has over 2.3 million candidates listed across specializations and industries, giving recruiters access to plenty of hiring options.
  • Cons: The filter for years of experience adds up all the number of years worked, so it doesn’t correctly represent applicants with diverse work backgrounds.

Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter expedites talent sourcing by amplifying a recruiter’s reach and helping job seekers find jobs for which they are a good match. The platform sends job postings to over 100 top job websites with just one click. Then, its matching job-talent software scans and analyzes thousands of applications and resumes to determine the best candidates based on their education, experience, and skills. ZipRecruiter then sends these top candidates pre-written email invites to interview with the recruiter. As a result, all applicants who make it to the interview meetings are all qualified, high-quality candidates.

It also has a job search mobile application and lets recruiters or employers include screening questions on job postings to identify and screen the best potential employees.

Pros: The platform is easy to use and helps recruiters find qualified talent with great references with just one click. Recruiters don’t have to scour the web for hours looking for qualified applicants, too, because ZipRecruiter can find them and send them their way.

Cons: Although it offers a limited free trial for all available plans, it doesn’t offer a free subscription. Businesses may end up paying a lot just to fill out one or two open positions.

Zoho Recruit

An applicant tracking system designed for in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, Zoho Recruit is an end-to-end hiring platform with reliable sourcing capabilities. In addition, it has a proprietary sourcing system called Source Booster that helps recruiters find qualified applicants with less time and energy.

Source Booster is a simple search engine for job seekers. Recruiters only have to type the job requirements for the position they need to fill, and potential candidate profiles will appear. They can quickly sort through the results and add the promising applicants to their Zoho database with just a couple of clicks. Additionally, recruiters can run background checks on candidates, create resume templates for applicants, customize a Careers page, extract applicants’ data from LinkedIn, create pre-screening assessments to measure applicants’ skills, and automate candidate pipelines.

  • Pros: As part of the Zoho family of automated HR recruitment solutions, Zoho Recruit easily integrates other Zoho features like surveys, email automation and management, email sequences and campaigns , website analytics, etc.
  • Cons: It doesn’t integrate with WhatsApp and it doesn’t have a built-in messaging system.


Interseller is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps recruiters reach out to active and passive applicants alike and find qualified candidates faster with less effort. It is a tool for conducting an advanced candidate search by first identifying candidates, obtaining their contact details, reaching out to them, and bringing them into your recruitment funnel.

Interseller offers a valuable Chrome extension for finding a candidate’s personal email and contact information. It can even find and verify email addresses with just a name and website. Recruiters can search LinkedIn, for example, and retrieve and collate contact details of potential candidates using the Interseller extension. The platform also integrates well with many CRM software solutions and applicant tracking systems (ATS), like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, PipelineDeals, and Bullhorn, so it’s easy to transition new hires from recruitment to onboarding.

  • Pros: It can add a prospect from LinkedIn directly into your Interseller database. It also shows if an email bounced or has been opened by the prospect.
  • Cons: While it can retrieve emails from LinkedIn, it sometimes takes a long time to load, contrary to the goal of increasing recruitment efficiency.

For recruitment to be successful, it needs to be proactive and timely. Your recruitment strategy also must be inclusive and diverse: don’t limit yourself to traditional recruitment methods and explore new talent pools to source candidates, especially if your company is open to remote hiring.

Brazen Can Help Your Hiring Process

Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace and other integrated tools can help you achieve your major hiring goals, including DEIB targets. To find out more about how our all-in-one recruiting platform can help you reach more candidates, convert them, and accelerate your overall hiring process, click here and schedule a free demo.

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