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Brazen Named Top Virtual Career Platform for 2022 by Select Software Reviews

Mar 04, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

This year, Brazen is proud to have been selected as one of Select Software Review’s Best Virtual Career Platforms in 2022. Through a holistic selection process that takes into account product characteristics, user feedback, financial metrics, and specific use cases for a long list of HR tech vendors, Brazen made the cut thanks to our “powerful and easy-to-use platform” that everyone from Fortune 500 companies to top universities can rely on to host superior virtual career fairs.

Our platform’s long history in the talent market and its ease of use (users said they were able to create a virtual event and start promoting it in as little as 15 minutes!) helped make it one of the strongest contenders in the list.

Brazen: Named Best Platform for Large Companies Looking to Keep a Warm Hiring Pipeline

It’s true that virtual hiring events are a great way to engage active and passive candidates alike, and our solution offers special features to help keep job seekers informed and interested from the start. That’s why we created cutting-edge tools like QuickChat, FAQ Concierge, and Video Chat to give our users seamless communication capabilities across the recruitment process, delivering a superior candidate experience with every message and allowing recruiters to successfully screen, vet, and engage with numerous qualified candidates at once.

We are also proud that Brazen is recognized as an intuitive platform for both job candidates and employers alike, giving TA professionals what they need to maintain a healthy pipeline, and encouraging job seekers to come back again and again to their highly accessible virtual events.

Want more? See what Brazen customers have to say about us on Capterra and G2 for the latest user testimonials.

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