Brazen’s new video features give recruiters more ways to connect face to face

Jun 11, 2020 - Cat DiStasio

We love video. We know video has a huge impact on candidate experience. And what’s more, we know video helps organizations attract and connect with more top candidates. To make it even easier (and more effective) to use video in your virtual career fairs, Brazen has launched several new video features to help recruiters host dynamic virtual recruiting events and connect with candidates face-to-face, from any distance.

We’ve rolled out two new video features that give recruiters options for incorporating the power of video into virtual career fairs, whether your organization is hosting an event for your job openings or partnering with other companies in a multi-organization event. Each feature has unique advantages and use cases, allowing TA leaders to create an even more customized candidate experience.

Video Interviewing / Chat-to-Video

If you’re accustomed to connecting with candidates through text-based chats during virtual career fairs, you may have already experienced the desire to escalate that connection to a video chat. You have to select a platform for a video call, copy and paste a link or invitation, and potentially even schedule the video interview for another time, depending on the device the candidate is currently using. 

Chat-to-Video eliminates all of that extra work, by allowing recruiters to start a video chat with a candidate directly inside the chat window. Similar to the way many other IM platforms work, Chat-to-Video allows recruiters to invite a candidate to video chat with a single click. Once the candidate accepts, the video chat begins — and all of this happens right in the virtual career fair event and while the candidate’s profile is still visible on the recruiter’s screen.

Chat-to-Video provides a seamless transition from a chat-based prescreening conversation to a full video interview, helping recruiters move candidates through the process more quickly. This feature is simple for both recruiters and the benefits don’t end when the video chat is over. Recruiters can enter private notes and initiate follow-up actions from within the event, such as forwarding a candidate to a hiring manager or emailing the candidate about next steps. The post-video chat screen offers perks for the candidate, too.

They too can enter private notes for their own record and can give the recruiter a rating, helping your team learn valuable feedback to improve future efforts.

Broadcast Booths

Our second new feature is called Brazen Live Broadcast which is a webinar-style video presentation feature built right within the virtual event platform. These allow virtual career fair hosts to feature multiple speakers at scheduled times, so that all of your virtual career fair attendees can select which live videos they want to watch. Broadcasts can be scheduled to run simultaneously or at overlapping times, or in a sequential schedule, depending on your preference. 

In the main lobby of your virtual career fairs, candidates see a thumbnail for each Broadcast Booth, accompanied by a brief description of the person or topic being featured. Broadcast Booths are ideal for featuring senior leaders welcoming candidates to the event, and for presentations on your company culture, its mission, and values. Broadcast Booths are also interactive, so they can be used to answer candidates’ questions in real time.

For virtual career fairs that feature multiple employers, all of the Broadcast Booth features above can be utilized. It’s also key to note that each organization can host a Broadcast Booth simultaneously, prompting candidates to prioritize their interests and join the broadcast they are most serious about pursuing.

Robust, seamless video connections elevate virtual recruiting

Giving recruiters flexible options for incorporating video into their virtual career fairs is an important step forward for the world of virtual recruiting. We’ve worked hard to make these features easy to use, in a way that supports the flow and efficiency of successful virtual recruiting events. We’ve also ensured that the new video features work well when candidates (and recruiters) are using a mobile device, which candidates feel is an important feature for employers to offer. Being able to connect with candidates using video, whether in a one-to-one video interview or a one-to-many video broadcast, empowers recruiters to make real human connections with candidates in real time, and move more candidates through their pipeline efficiently. At the end of the day, we have seen how this results in better recruiting metrics and, more importantly, better quality hires.

If you’re interested in seeing how these new video features work firsthand, watch the full demo video:

Brazen Virtual Events - Video Features from Brazen on Vimeo.