Customer Success Appreciation Week

Highlights of Brazen’s Customer Success Appreciation Week

Jun 01, 2022 - Simone Ryland

Employee culture, engagement, and appreciation have become increasingly important. Recent research shows that 69% of employees would work harder if they received more recognition. Brazen has an outstanding reputation for going above and beyond for their employees and taking the time to give credit where credit is due! Last week we hosted our Customer Success Appreciation Week where we took a moment each day to step back and recognize the work that our Customer Success teams do each day.

The Customer Success (CS) teams are focused on driving adoption and engagement by delivering a world-class customer experience. Our CS structure has many service lines, including Onboarding, Implementation, Success Management, Education, Support, and Data Operations. Below we will highlight and take a closer look at each sub-department.

Customer Success Management & Leads

This team assists our customers every step of the way throughout their journey to ensure they achieve their goals by maximizing customer mastery of the platform. Each team member goes above and beyond, loves helping people, and delivers a world-class customer experience every time.

Onboarding & Implementation

With a distinct strategy, the Onboarding and Implementation teams are focused on getting our customers launched quickly and seamlessly–all the way from helping customers configure the platform to completing their first online event or chat with a candidate. They project manage like champs and can get into the nitty-gritty on the technical side– a very valuable and appreciated skill!

Customer Support & Education

Our Customer Education team is enthusiastic about creating engaging and useful content to ensure all users of our platform get the most value possible from Brazen. From tutorials, guided how-to videos, articles, one-sheeters (and more!), this team creates a fantastic learning experience for all.

Our Customer Support team is led by our amazing Brazenite, Lexi, with the help of our Lending Hands Virtual Assistants. This team is the 24/7 front line in assisting customers and candidates with live events, troubleshooting, direct questions, and more! They boast a world-class satisfaction rate of 93%+ and handle support requests with grace and diligence to ensure questions are answered thoroughly and promptly. Want more proof that they’re amazing? Just look at our G2 and Capterra scores!

Data Operations

Our Data Analysts drive the operational excellence and efficiency of the CS team by aggregating & analyzing data, building internal and external reports, configuring our Customer Success tools, and more. Needless to say, this team is an integral part of our success.

Customer Success is a collaborative effort from all, and each one of these service lines contributes significantly to our customer's happiness and achievements. We are so grateful for this team every day, but we're excited to have given them special recognition last week.

Award Winners

As a part of our appreciation, we also curated awards for those who have genuinely embodied customer success. The winners were nominated by their peers who work with them day-in and day-out and are blown away by their dedication and contributions to the team. Below we will recap the award details, winners, and a snippet from their nomination!

Value Driver Award

This award recognizes a CS member who strategically drives usage to help deliver swift value for customers, resulting in long-term growth and retention. This year’s winner was Sam C!

“Sam is always looking for ways to achieve success in his role. He has found new ways to get around tech challenges for Quick Chat, FAQ, and the BrazenBot including building custom landing pages for customers. He not only helps our customers but helps the CS team as a whole. He helps write SOPs, leads training, provides his expertise, etc.” - Internal Nomination by a Brazen Employee

Churn Warrior Award

Recognizes a CS member who helps retain and grow revenue using a proactive approach to solving problems and fighting churn. This year’s winner was Kate W!

“Kate is the first to come up with creative ways to drive additional value for clients. Bringing up other Brazen products or features they are underutilizing and being prepared for calls with examples of how some of our most successful customers leverage Brazen, are just a few of the ways she does that. She is a great listener and makes sure the client feels heard while also driving them toward a solution. She's a rockstar!” - Internal Nomination by a Brazen Employee

Engagement Expert Award

Recognizes a CS member who is highly customer-centric and goes above and beyond to create excellent customer experiences. This year’s winner was Nick K!

“Nick is all-around excellent at his role, from engaging with customers to providing detailed feedback and follow-up. Nick is extremely diligent in his follow up, connects with customers well, and is always making sure they have what they need to be successful.” - Internal Nomination by a Brazen Employee

CS Advocate Award

Recognizes a CS member who champions the Customer Success team’s role in a way that other teams can’t ignore. This year’s winner was Lexi G!

“Lexi is one of the most helpful people on the CS team. She leads the support team to be one of the biggest assets at Brazen. I appreciate all her detailed quarterly reports from support to prove how great the CS team is. She also quickly can resolve issues and jumps in whenever escalation is needed.”- Internal Nomination by a Brazen Employee

Tech Trailblazer Award

Recognizes a CS member with a masterful, forward-thinking approach to technology, data, and process. This year’s winner was Alex M!

“Alex has learned a complicated database schema and combined those learnings with his own skillset to produce a ton of value as a data analyst. Also, he's a good guy!- Internal Nomination by a Brazen Employee

Brazen Brighterner Award

Recognizes a CS member who embodies many of our core values and inspires others with their scrappiness, passion, and fun!

“Eleni and I have worked together for two years. I can't name a day in those years where I have seen her lack passion, drive, and determination. She works so hard and puts her heart into everything she does. She is not only a great role model for others on the CS Team, but has an impact that is far more reaching.” - Internal Nomination by a Brazen Employee

Customer Success Appreciation Week was a fantastic week filled with gratitude and appreciation for our customer success department. We are so grateful to have them as part of the Brazen family with tireless tenacity and endless empathy to deliver top-notch customer service.

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