Does GenY Ask Too Much? Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Think So

Dec 12, 2013 -

As much as we hate GenY stereotypes, we have to admit that sometimes, they can be kind of funny. Especially when handled by a king of parody.

See Exhibit A: a bit Stephen Colbert recently did on The Colbert Report in which he discussed a new feature introduced by the “minutes to read” feature. That’s right; as you browse recent articles on the site, Slate now lets you know right next to the title just how long it will take to read each one.


As Colbert put it, Millennials (which group he includes himself in) are a group that simply doesn’t have time to spare on anything that isn’t personally meaningful:

We want our food fast, our ‘grams Insta, our mobs flash -- and we want it all now...Clicking on a story is a huge commitment. First, you’ve gotta aim the cursor, then it takes about two seconds to load, then I gotta scan the thing to see how long it is...As many as eight seconds have passed and I’m that much closer to the cold embrace of death.”

You can view the full segment here (it’s worth it!):

As funny as this segment is, can you relate to it? Are you (or anyone you know) like this?