Elevator Pitches: You’re Doing Them Wrong (#BrazenStuff 10.26.12)

Oct 26, 2012 -
Happy Friday, Brazenites! Hopefully this finds you at the end of a productive and tail-kicking week. If not, there’s a brand new week ahead—after a nice little thing called the weekend. So sit back, relax and enjoy the links we’ve rounded up for you this week—links that might just help you make next week even awesomer. 1.  We’ve all been taught that our “elevator pitch” should sum up our services in a neat little blurb. But Seth Godin argues that the best elevator pitches don’t describe a product or service; they’re more like intriguing hooks that tell just part of a (very interesting) story. 2.  In a world that changes every time we blink (sometimes two or three times per blink), “Generation Flux” may be our newest brand of leaders. 3.  Interviews are always a tightrope walk. Navigate one particular tripping point by learning how to answer the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” 4.  Crowdsourcing is a great way for companies to tap into the power of the social web. But are Millennials in danger of being crowdsourced out of jobs? 5.  Do you want that job badly enough to create a website solely for the sake of getting the company’s attention? This guy did—and demonstrated one of the many creative ways you can make yourself stand out to potential employers… 6.  …Or, what about having a personalized video of people vouching for you to accompany your job application? Brazen contributor Marian Schembari did just that. 7.  Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t always glorious—especially in the beginning. Sometimes, you need to put your pride aside in the name of long-term career wins. Have you read anything this week that's worth passing on? Share it with us in the comments!