Most Companies are Terrible at Listening. Here's How to Be Different. [+ Infographic]

Mar 03, 2016 -
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — why do humans have two ears but only one mouth? To listen twice as much as we speak. (Okay, it’s not exactly a joke, but it rings pretty true, doesn’t it?) Despite that well-worn adage, we humans still tend to be pretty bad at listening. Companies, it seems, are even worse. Despite the explosion of programs designed to increase employee engagement over the past ten years, only 32.5% of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs (Gallup). What are companies doing wrong? They’re Just. Not. Listening. When it comes to engaged companies versus disengaged companies, there’s one critical difference: how they approach employee feedback. Employee communication — from employee recognition to engagement surveys to internal networking events — is the basis for a highly engaged workforce.

The Secrets of Highly Engaged Companies, Revealed

Quantum Workplace recently polled nearly 300 different organizations to discover their employee engagement best practices. They compiled the below infographic to show just how necessary employee communication is in creating a top-notch employee experience and a highly engaged workforce. Some highlights include:
  • Highly engaged companies are 6x more likely to put the onus of responsibility on employees for increasing employee engagement
  • Disengaged companies are 15x more likely to never have administered an employee survey, compared to highly engaged companies
  • Highly engaged companies also report 3x higher levels of participation in their employee surveys than disengaged companies
  • Employees whose managers follow up with them post-survey (completing the feedback loop) are 12x more likely to be engaged the following year
The moral of the story? Talk with, not at, employees for better engagement and lower turnover. Check out the full infographic by Quantum Workplace below for more employee engagement best practices from highly engaged companies: Employee-Engagement-Secrets

Which employee engagement best practices have you found success with? Let us know in the comments!