Getting Executives Involved in the Recruiting Process with Priyanki Amroliwala

Nov 13, 2020 - Joe Matar

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Joe: How have you been able to get your executive team and your CEO to kind of participate in really the recruiting function of recruiting area? That's awesome.

Priyanki: You know, Joe, that's a good question. I got really lucky on that. I work with an amazing, amazing executive team, and it's really nice that they're all based right out of, like I said, we're based basically in Waltham, Massachusetts, which is about 20 minutes right outside of Boston. So they're all very here, very local. One good thing is I've got a great relationship with everyone on the executive team, and it's nice because they recognize that one of the biggest things for any dental practice is staffing. So they know that that is a number one priority.

 It's great. Our CEO is an amazing guy. He's just a genuinely nice guy. It's really nice to work with him. He's literally a breath of fresh air. He is extremely hands-on, very down to earth, and it's just good to work with him and it's work. It's nice to work with the executive team, because they genuinely care, and they understand the importance of it. So for them, they're like, let me know where I need to be, and I will show up. So it's perfect. So that's not a struggle for me at all, and that's not my magic. That's just them genuinely recognizing the talent piece.

Yeah, for sure. Well, for those executives out there that are listening, for those CEOs that are listening, take some advice from Priyanki and the 42 North dental team, executives have to be involved because staffing is probably one of the number one drivers of business success.

: It is.

Joe: So put your efforts where you're going to get the biggest bang for your buck, and staffing is definitely one of those. Talent and retention and are all part of that equation. So that's fantastic. That's really great to hear.

 And I agree with you, Joe, if we're going to go and give one piece of advice to everyone that's listening, and especially the CEOs or the recruitment teams that can get their CEO to listen, it makes a big, big difference when your CEO is highly involved. It makes a world of a difference just because every single person that's out there is like, "Wow, that's your CEO? I want to go and meet them." And in general, it shows that they care.

 Yeah, and I think that it doesn't always have to be the CEO. I mean, I know our listeners, different size companies, but it's the same thing. It's executives, or senior leaders, whoever it is that's kind of like the face of your group, your organization, whatever it may be, get them involved in some way, shape, or form. You all have done an excellent job in doing that. So I applaud you for that.

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