The Great Resignation

Virtual Recruiting will Help you Weather the Talent Tsunami and the Great Resignation

Sep 27, 2021 - Cat DiStasio

The talent tsunami is well underway. Right now, talent acquisition professionals are facing a double-whammy of recruiting challenges: it’s difficult to find the right talent to fill your open positions and lots of employees are quitting their jobs to look for new opportunities, a phenomenon dubbed "The Great Resignation." In fact, a record 3.9M American workers quit their jobs in June, and experts predict this trend will continue for months to come.

The intersection of these two challenges is putting tons of pressure on recruiting teams right now. Many TA teams are struggling to stay afloat, even as recruiters leave to explore other opportunities. Early in the pandemic, research suggested HR and recruiting professionals were 115% more likely to leave their positions, compared with the average worker. Now more than ever, TA teams need to understand how to do more with less.

Enter virtual recruiting. Virtual recruiting tools and strategies help organizations cast a wider net and attract better candidates, connect with more diverse talent, speed up recruiting processes, deliver a great candidate experience, and build a stronger employer brand—all while saving money and energy. Used alone or in a hybrid strategy alongside in-person recruiting tactics, virtual recruiting offers a host of advantages that employers can enjoy right now.

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Virtual Recruiting Helps You Broaden Your Talent Pool

There’s an ongoing debate about whether there is really a talent shortage or a skills gap. Regardless of your position on the controversy, every employer can benefit from casting a wider net and broadening their talent pool. Virtual recruiting is the most effective way to do that. One silver lining of the pandemic is that people have become more comfortable communicating online, working remotely, and collaborating with people they may have never met in person.

Part of recruiting is simple math. The more qualified candidates you have in your pipeline, the more choices you have for each hire you need to make. If you’re struggling to find enough qualified candidates to pass on to your hiring managers, virtual recruiting can help you improve your results.

Hosting virtual career fairs—attending recruiting events hosted by other organizations—is a great way to build your talent pool and tap into new ones. Online recruiting events allow you to connect with candidates outside your local geographic area, and talk to more candidates in the same amount of time compared with in-person career fairs.

Virtual Recruiting Can Diversify Your Talent Pipeline

Virtual recruiting casts a wider net in more ways than one. Most notably, it gives you the tool you need to strategically target specific types of candidates that have been historically overlooked, such as neurodiverse candidates. By hosting virtual recruiting events expressly for different groups, you can connect with talented candidates who might not feel compelled to participate in a more general hiring event.

Following virtual recruiting best practices can help you get even more out of your diversity hiring. It’s also important to reflect on some of the biggest lessons that came from the sudden shift to all-virtual recruiting that happened for many organizations at the beginning of the pandemic. The more you learn about the benefits of virtual recruiting, the easier it is to see how it supports your broader diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Speed up the Recruiting Process with Virtual Hiring Events

With competition for talent so stiff at the moment, employers who move candidates through the recruiting process quickly have a better chance at hiring the people they want, before they lose their attention to another employer.

Many of our customers have experienced this benefit. Advent Health, for example, shaved 10 days off their time to hire since adopting virtual recruiting. Being able to move candidates through the recruiting process so quickly means you can improve your chances of hiring the candidates you really want, before someone else snatches them up.

Elevate the Candidate Experience with Engagement Across the Journey 

Virtual recruiting allows employers to create intentional, immersive brand experiences—a far better alternative to the resume black hole. When you deliver a better candidate experience, it makes it possible to tap into talent who resonate with your mission and employer branding. Finding and hiring candidates with this alignment can help you better retain those employees down the line.

Strengthen Your Employer Branding to Drive Recruiting & Retention Outcomes

A majority (75%) of job seekers say they’re likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand, according to Glassdoor research released earlier this year. This means most job seekers are paying close attention to your reputation, which includes what your customers and other job seekers are saying about their experiences with your organization.

Virtual recruiting helps you build a strong employer brand with advantages at every stage of the recruiting funnel. Using video as part of your recruitment marketing strategy helps you shine a light on things candidates care about, such as your environmental impact or community giving efforts. During virtual recruiting events, you can deliver a rich, informative and engaging experience that keeps candidates coming back for more. Video interviews make it easy to add the human connection job seekers crave.

As a bonus, your employer brand also impacts current employees so working to strengthen your employer brand may even help you improve employee retention.

Facing the Great Resignation & Weathering the Storm

Virtual recruiting probably won’t solve all your talent acquisition problems. But it can give you the boost you need to compete for top talent, hire the right candidates for your organization, and continue building the kind of culture you want. Most talent acquisition professionals in the field today have never experienced the kind of movement we’re seeing right now but these unprecedented circumstances don’t have to get you down. With the right strategy, tools, and motivation in place, your team can weather the storm and keep sailing into the future.

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