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Build a Powerful Virtual Event Experience with Group Video

Sep 28, 2021 - Juliana Sanches Santos

Have you ever hosted a virtual event and noticed you are having to repeat answers to the same questions during your video 1:1 chats? Or feel the need to address specific questions attendees and exhibitors might have during your event? Do you just want a better way to engage with your attendees to host a more interactive and personal session?

With Brazen’s Group Video, you can build a powerful event experience by hosting workshops, Q&A sessions, group discussions, or club meetings, all within the Brazen Virtual Event Platform.

Group Video is a new booth engagement experience that allows multiple event participants to connect within one session using audio and video. While the 1:1 booth chat experience is an effective way to engage event attendees, not every situation is ideal for 1:1 chat.

Group Video booths allow you to host a more interactive and intimate session as an alternative to a BrazenLive Broadcast. The host can address questions and concerns immediately and have a more conversational experience with attendees, leading to a higher likelihood they’ll be interested in specific booths or your future events.

Hosting group discussions, club meetings, or even bringing students together for workshops is even easier with Group Video. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from their peers, while the host can keep things flowing, allowing for different points of view to be presented. Attendees that are engaged and well-informed are more likely to move forward in your hiring pipeline.

Use Group Video booths to host sessions for Q&A and/or information sharing with multiple attendees, solving the problem of having to answer the same question several times during different 1:1 chats. A Group Video Host can talk with up to eight attendees at the same time - improving your event efficiency and flow and maximizing valuable and productive time - reducing your overhead when staffing booths.

While our Live Chat Support satisfaction is currently rated at 97%, you might find it helpful to have a booth to address attendee and exhibitor questions, concerns or technical difficulties during your event. A Group Video booth can host efficient live event support sessions facilitated by the event host.

Brazen helps employers around the world recruit and retain top talent through engaging virtual events and valuable conversations. Group Video is offering one more option to increase candidate engagement all within the Brazen Virtual Event Platform.

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