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Great Ideas on How to Use Group Video in Your Virtual Events

Dec 16, 2021 - Juliana Sanches Santos

Here at Brazen, we’re always looking for new ways to make virtual events even more exciting, engaging, and useful. Our latest feature, Group Video, helps you step up your online event game. Group Video allows multiple event participants, along with the booth host or hosts, to interact in real time. It’s like a mini video conference within your virtual event. This feature makes it easy to run efficient Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, group discussions, club meetings, and more—right from the Brazen virtual event platform.

There’s no limit to the ways you can use Group Video for your virtual events, and we encourage everyone to use this flexible feature however it works best for your organization and needs. Use Group Video with internal events, to boost employee engagement, and external events, to attract and engage with top talent or prospective students. To help you brainstorm the possibilities, we compiled a list of ideas. We’ve also included some examples from Brazen customers so you can learn how organizations are already putting this innovative feature to work!

Adding Group Video to External Events

Recruiting—for employees or students—has evolved from solely relying on 1:1 interactions. Employers and universities can use Group Video in a number of ways to communicate with multiple participants during a virtual event, which saves valuable time and energy since you avoid repeating yourself.

Group Discussions During Virtual Information Sessions

Whether you’re recruiting new employees or engaging with prospective college students, information sessions are an effective way to share information about your organization. Before Group Video, it was challenging to host interactive info sessions in a meaningful way. But this new feature solves that problem, by facilitating group discussions—either a broad group discussion led by the host, or multiple smaller discussions based on more narrow topics. Organizations like one of our university clients are using multiple Group Video booths at virtual events, set up by area of interest. They recently used different Group Video booths for career coaching during an event (one for Business, one for Arts and Sciences, etc) and others for Advising (e.g. College of Public Affairs Advising).

Q&A Sessions After Speaker Presentations

Group video is also a great way to facilitate Q&A sessions, or any time when you want multiple people to benefit from the answers to a question. After a speaker presentation, whether live or recorded, participants can drop into a Q&A Group Video booth to ask questions, and hear what other participants are wondering about. If your presentation has more than one speaker, and you think your attendees would like to ask them more questions, you can create Group Video booths for each presenter and allow your attendees to engage in a more interactive way.

Networking Sessions During Virtual Career Fairs

Networking opportunities are a valuable addition to virtual career fairs for candidates at all career levels. Group Video makes it easy to facilitate these sessions, allowing candidates to network with one another—or with experts and industry leaders. One large technology company hosted a recent virtual career fair for HBCUs and Greek Homecoming, where attendees could drop in to the “Keep it Real Corner” and have transparent discussions about career objectives and goals with professionals in the organization’s Black community.

Enhancing Accessibility

Some of our customers are excited to host Group Video sessions with an interpreter present. Candidates who may require a session with a sign language interpreter, or any other accessibility request, are able to attend the event and be sure they are engaging in a meaningful way that fits their needs.

Waiting Rooms Interactive Sessions

A creative way one of our customers used Group Video is to host “waiting room” sessions for participants to engage with each other while they wait in line for their 1:1 conversations or BrazenLive presentation. They hosted a large event and were looking for different ways to keep their attendees engaged and interested during the entire event while they are waiting for their next great connection.

General Questions or Event Support

One Brazen client added a Group Video booth to a recent virtual hiring event, staffed by a recruiter, so candidates could easily drop in and say hi, ask a question, or test their audio/video before engaging with other booths. Also, it can be used as a “white glove” service to direct students or candidates to the right booth that matches their needs and interests.

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Using Group Video for Internal Events

Group Video is a new way to keep your team connected, no matter where you work. Because it works within our virtual event platform, it’s easy to create one or many Group Video booths, to accommodate different teams, departments, or areas of interest within your organization. Here's a look at some fun ways to use group video in internal and employee engagement virtual events.

Team Meetings

Group Video is an effective way to host regular team or department meetings, whether it’s a weekly status update or a project-focused collaboration. Because it’s built into our platform, you no longer need to juggle multiple video conference tools.

Employee Engagement Events

So many different types of employee engagement events benefit from Group Video. Add a Group Video booth to your virtual benefits fair, for example, so employees can get quick answers from a benefits specialist. Use Group Video to add a fun challenge to town hall meetings, and break employees into teams to answer trivia questions or solve a puzzle for a prize.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Meetings

ERGs rely on cooperation and discussion, so Group Video is a great way to get everyone in one place to exchange ideas, plan initiatives, and collaborate on future plans.

Workshops & Training Sessions

Learning and development play a key role in employee engagement and retention. Adding Group Video booths to training programs allows you to divide employees into manageable group sizes, or separate employees by position or skill level, to help you provide effective training on whatever topic is at hand.

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Team Meetings

Group Video is an effective way to host regular team or department meetings, whether it’s a weekly status update or a project-focused collaboration. Because it’s built into our platform, you no longer need to juggle multiple video conference tools.

Bringing Us All Closer With Group Video

It’s our opinion here at Brazen that live video is the closest thing to meeting in person—and maybe even better! With Group Video, it’s easy to replicate the in-person experience. And, in some cases, Group Video can improve upon the in-person experience by offering accessible, location-agnostic events where participants can see and hear each other clearly—something that isn’t always feasible in a room full of people.

We’re excited to see all the creative ways our clients use Group Video, and learn more about how this new feature makes it easier to connect and engage with your candidate, prospective students, employees, and community. Do you have any questions about how Group Video can serve your unique use cases?

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