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High Volume Recruiting Strategies for 2023

Feb 01, 2023 - Cat DiStasio

Do you have a specific high volume recruiting strategy that’s focused on addressing the unique challenges of high volume hiring? Now is a great time to assess how your organization is approaching high volume recruiting to make sure you're making the most of processes and tools that can help you meet your goals. 

What is High Volume Recruiting?

High volume hiring needs might look different for different organizations. For some, high volume means hiring a large number of people for the same job title (or a small variety of roles). For others, it means screening and evaluating a high number of applicants for a smaller number of available positions.

Whatever your situation, high volume hiring means you have lots of candidates to screen and interview. And you want to do it as quickly and as efficiently as possible, without subjecting your team to burnout.

A High Volume Recruiting Strategy

The right strategy paired with the right technology can lend speed and efficiency to your high-volume hiring process while saving time and delivering a better candidate experience. 

An effective high-volume recruiting strategy will also:

  • Save recruiters time
  • Speed up hiring
  • Make screening more efficient
  • Scale video interviewing
  • Leverage automation
  • Use technology to improve candidate experience

Read on to learn more about building a high volume hiring strategy that’s focused on solving the most pressing challenges high volume recruiters face, and learn how virtual recruiting events can help you get even more from your high volume recruiting strategy.

Save Recruiters Time

Time is money and (especially if you’re working with a scaled back team) time can also be sanity. Anything that saves recruiters’ time, reduces their stress, and alleviates some of the cognitive burdens of their role is a huge bonus right now. Freeing up recruiters’ time also means they can devote more time and energy to having meaningful conversations with top candidates.

Take a careful look at how much time your team is spending on different parts of the hiring process when it comes to high volume. Look for areas where technology and tools can help your team accomplish certain repeated tasks faster or at scale. Let’s take a look at screening, for example.

Make Screening More Efficient

Since the types of high volume hiring needs can differ vastly, the demands of screening on recruiters’ time can vary as well. But the fact is, across a large number of candidates, recruiters can spend a lot of time pre-qualifying and screening. So when you’re building a high volume hiring strategy, this is a great place to look for efficiencies of scale.

Strategically, this is a great place to add technology into your high volume hiring process. For example, virtual hiring events can help with disqualification and pre-qualification of candidates through the strategic use of registration forms. Then, recruiters can attend a virtual hiring event meet, chat with, and even screen many candidates at scale - all within a few hours of one live virtual hiring event. Imagine the time your recruiting team would save if they could speak with hundreds of candidates all within a matter of hours, and move them to next steps within the same day. With Brazen, it’s possible.

Accelerate the Hiring Process

Another important piece of building a high volume hiring strategy is to look at the stages candidates are spending at each stage of the hiring funnel and finding where you can cut down days by using technology. As Candidate Experience award winner Brian White shared on a recent webinar with Brazen, they are measuring each stage of the hiring process and have goals to cut time even further. Speeding up the process for candidates translates into a better candidate experience—and can help reduce the chances of losing top talent to competing employers.

Using virtual recruiting events to screen tens or hundreds of candidates within a few hours means you can move candidates more quickly through the recruiting funnel. Many Brazen customers are moving candidates from Awareness to Offer in a week or less with one-and-done virtual hiring events.

Scale Video Interviews

The scalability of virtual recruiting events is a huge perk for high-volume hiring challenges, especially when it comes to video interviewing. Setting up individual video interview appointments is tedious, time-consuming, and not very efficient. Conducting one-on-one or group video interviews during a virtual recruiting event is much smoother, and there’s no time spent on all the back-and-forth communication that traditional interviews require or lost time if a job seeker doesn’t show up. A savvy high volume recruiting strategy will leverage efficiencies in each stage of the process, so that everyone involved, from recruiters to hiring managers, is focused on spending more of their time having important conversations with top candidates, and less of their time managing the logistics involved in making those conversations happen.

Take Advantage of Automation

Another area that modern high volume recruiting involves is the strategic use of automation tools. Automating parts of your virtual recruiting strategy is also a huge boost for efficiency and time-saving in a high-volume hiring situation. For example, within Brazen, many clients will use event templates which enable them to easily clone a successful hiring event so they can set up a similar virtual events (or a series of events) for a new location, role, region, time, team, etc. in a snap. Imagine being able to stand up dozens of events to meet all your high volume hiring needs with slight adaptations. With Brazen’s virtual hiring event platform, it’s possible.

You should also look for a robust virtual hiring event platform that enables you to quickly follow up with candidates. With Brazen, this is another way you can leverage the power of automation in your high volume strategy. Follow-up tools make it easy to keep in touch with candidates after events, to communicate with them about next steps, set up in-person interviews, or invite them to future recruiting events. (Bonus: you can also set up follow up templates for a wide variety of use cases, so that your team can quickly communicate stage and next steps after a virtual event.)

Make Technology Your Partner

There are a variety of tools you can use when building a high volume recruiting strategy. And high volume hiring events are about much more than hosting an online meeting. The best virtual recruiting event platforms offer a host of tools and features that help save your recruiting team time, scale important functions, and enable you to differentiate your organization with engaging experiences that reflect your brand and your culture. Embed live presentations in your virtual recruiting events, set up booths where candidates can view recorded videos (employee testimonials work great here), and invite job seekers to participate in live Q&A sessions with members of your employee resource group, executive board, or benefits providers. Focus on building a high volume hiring strategy that leverages technology that helps solve multiple challenges.

Best Practices for High Volume HiringTo meet the unique challenges of the current talent market, amid ongoing economic uncertainty, employers with high-volume hiring needs need to be strategic. And their hiring strategies should be built on the assumption that they will strive for maximum speed and efficiency while controlling costs and without sacrificing the candidate experience. Virtual recruiting meets those needs point by point.

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