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Optimizing Your Recruitment Marketing with Event Tracking Links

Aug 28, 2023 - Cat DiStasio

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Candidates have to click on a link to sign up and register for your virtual recruiting events or virtual tools you’re using to enhance your in-person hiring events. On many hiring platforms, TA teams get a default link for each event so they aren’t able to garner any additional data beyond what candidates share in their form responses. However, more sophisticated platforms like Brazen allow TA teams to create flexible event tracking links to collect valuable data, which you can use to inform your recruitment marketing decisions and optimize your results.

In this article, we’ll explain:

  • What an event tracking link is
  • Benefits of flexible event tracking links
  • How to track geographical locations
  • How to track candidate sources
  • How to track different candidate personas

What is an Event Tracking Link?

On purpose-built platforms like Brazen, you can customize the links candidates use to sign up for your virtual recruiting events to help you gain insights into how candidates find your events, which events are most popular, and which kinds of candidates are most attracted to them.

Collecting this kind of data helps you answer many pressing questions that would otherwise remain something of a mystery. Do the data confirm your assumptions? Do the insights suggest opportunities for improvement? Does the information you’ve gathered prove your ROI?

Benefits of Flexible Event Tracking Links

In addition to thrilling data nerds with more numbers to crunch, leveraging unique event tracking links helps TA teams collect information they can’t get any other way. Using event tracking links as part of your talent acquisition strategy can help your team:

  • Make more data-informed decisions about recruitment marketing,
  • Improve ROI of RM spending, especially with regard to paid ads,
  • Boost the efficiency of your recruiting event strategy;
  • Reveal opportunities for improving the candidate experience, and
  • Help position TA directors move the needle on important recruiting goals.

Track Geographic Locations

Many clients who hire for multiple locations at the same time use this approach to gather event data from different areas. While you might host a single event or series of events for a specific job title, you can use customized event tracking links to differentiate candidates by location. For example, you can create a unique tracking link for each metro area, state, or region you’re hiring in, and use those links in ads that target those locations. Alternatively, you could customize links based on individual or groups of zip codes, if you’re looking for more granular location data. For TA teams with other needs, tracking links for each store location or sales district might be helpful. Whatever the geographic scope and requirements of your recruiting goals are, tracking links can help you gather data to create more effective recruitment marketing.

Track Candidate Sources

It’s common for TA teams to want to know how many candidates get to their events from paid ads vs. social media posts vs. other recruitment marketing sources. Using flexible event tracking links makes this easy. By creating a unique tracking link for each source you want data on, you can break down how each source is performing and make crucial decisions about where to invest your energy and your budget spend.

Track Different Candidate Personas

Making the recruiting process relevant to each job seeker is essential for a great candidate experience and an effective talent acquisition strategy. Using customized event tracking links for each candidate persona you’re targeting can help you track where candidates enter your funnel (based on where you share those links) and also provide insights into the breakdown of candidate personas in your pipeline.

Using Event Tracking Links Can Help You Optimize Recruitment Marketing

TA teams that aren’t using flexible event tracking links are missing out on a valuable opportunity to collect data that reflects how well recruitment marketing efforts are translating into candidate engagement and experience. Leveraging data from custom event tracking links not only helps TA teams measure the impact but also reveals opportunities for improvement and helps gauge the impact of changes over time.

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      Frequently Asked Questions: Recruiting Event Metrics

      What is a recruiting event tracking link?

      Event tracking links are the URL candidates use to sign up and register for recruiting events. If you use flexible custom event tracking links, your team can collect valuable data to inform recruitment marketing decisions and improve your results.

      How can event tracking links improve recruitment marketing?

      Event tracking links help you measure the results of your recruitment marketing efforts, broken down almost any way you can imagine, such as geographically, by talent sources, or by candidate persona.