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5 Ways Virtual Hiring Events Help Recruiters Compete in the Talent Wars

Jun 08, 2021 - Cat DiStasio

As businesses begin to rebound, one thing is clear: competition for talent is tough, and it’s going to be that way for some time. In nearly every industry, there are simply not enough workers to fill all the open positions. And you know what this means for recruiting. It’s poised to be more challenging than ever for as long as the talent shortage lasts.

Hearing this news may cause recruiters around the world to groan and put their heads in their hands. Fortunately, there is plenty of good news to light the way forward. Because the pandemic forced people to get more comfortable with technology—specifically with virtual communications—recruiters can leverage virtual tools to make their jobs easier and help their organizations stand out in a sea of employers.

Virtual hiring events offer myriad benefits that change the game for today’s recruiters, and make it possible to do more with less, even in the tightest talent markets.

Reach more candidates with less effort

When you’re heading out into the world with a fistful of job reqs, you know that attracting more applicants translates into a better chance of hiring the right people. In a tight talent market, this numbers game is more important than ever. Virtual hiring events have a greater reach compared with traditional in-person recruiting events, and are a simple way employers can get more attention from job seekers, engage with more candidates, and encourage more people to apply for your open positions.

This is true for virtual recruiting events you host, and it’s also true when employers participate in virtual hiring events hosted by other organizations. Adding this facet to your talent acquisition strategy helps you expand your talent pool without adding a ton of extra work or expensive investments. Brazen created its Upcoming Job Fair site for this purpose, making it easy for employers to identify events that match their candidate profiles and connect with event hosts to get involved.

Erase geographic barriers

The rise of remote work means that geography matters a whole lot less in recruiting. Of course, many employers will of continue to hire for necessary onsite positions. But with 7 in 10 white collar workers now working remotely, recruiters can broaden their talent searches. Virtual recruiting events help recruiters look outside their immediate geographic area for candidates to fill remote positions.

It’s crucial for recruiters to begin thinking broadly about candidate locations, especially as many large employers like Google, Microsoft, and Verizon have already committed to long-term remote work and are already recruiting for talent in your local area. To continue to compete in a tight talent market, ‘local’ employers must reconsider location-based recruiting for remote positions or those eligible for relocation.

Free up recruiters’ time and resources

Earlier, we mentioned that virtual recruiting events help recruiters do more with less, and that was true even before the pandemic. In fact, 80% of Brazen customers report that saving time and money with virtual hiring events is a top benefit. Virtual hiring events cut down on a lot of the administrative work in the recruiting process. Hosting virtual recruiting events hires less human power than in-person events, so recruiters and hiring managers can spend more time communicating with candidates and building trust. This also means they can connect with more candidates in the same amount of time, which helps speed up the recruiting process and improves candidate engagement by reducing wait times. Virtual recruiting event tools also make it easier to collect feedback from candidates and search for candidate with certain skill sets weeks or months after an event.

Speed up the hiring process

Time is money and, when recruiting in a tight talent market, time is also attention. The longer it takes for you to respond to candidates’ questions, prescreen and interview them, and make a decision, the more likely it is you’ll lose them to a competitor who is moving faster. And remember, that competitor may not be the same organization down the street you’re used to competing against; it could be a multinational employer offering full-time remote work and loads of benefits. This means candidate experience will become increasingly important in the coming months and years. Virtual recruiting events speed up time to hire by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to prescreen candidates quickly, which shows candidates you respect their time.

Brazen customer AdventHealth uses virtual recruiting events to move candidates rapidly through the first few stages of the recruiting funnel, reserving in-person interviews and tours for the final stages, and hosting in-person events only for targeted talent needs. With this strategic hybrid recruiting approach, AdventHealth maximizes the benefits of virtual recruiting while continuing to give hiring managers and candidates the experience they need to make the right decision. “Our goal is for that in-person interview to be one and done,” said Cathy Henesey, executive director of talent acquisition at AdventHealth.

Provide insights recruiters can use to improve strategy

Another key benefit of virtual recruiting events centers on the long game. Becoming (and remaining) an employer of choice doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. The best talent acquisition strategies are informed by data, and virtual recruiting events make it easy to collect and analyze candidate feedback, as well as insights on attendance and engagement, that recruiters can use to fine tune plans for future events, design new strategies to engage candidates, and improve the overall candidate experience.

Virtual hiring events are a recruiter’s best friend

In an age of increasing concerns about the talent supply pool, a growing reliance on technology, and a boost in the importance of candidate experience, virtual recruiting events offer so many benefits that many employers who adopted virtual recruiting during the pandemic tell us they wish they’d made the leap much earlier. By speeding up the hiring process and freeing up recruiters to spend more time building relationships with candidates, virtual recruiting events convince employers to embrace virtual events as a crucial component of their hybrid recruiting strategies—not just as a response to our current environment, but as an investment in the future.

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