How Employee Engagement Impacts Your Company's Growth

Aug 24, 2017 - Joe Matar
Even if company leaders know employee engagement is important, it can be hard to know where to start taking action. Is it perks and salaries? More team management? The answer is usually: it depends.   Running employee engagement surveys provides unique insights into what’s driving engagement for a company, making prioritizing actions and measuring progress easier to accomplish. Comparing results to what’s happening in the industry allows each company to see how they stack up to the group. For the past five years, my colleagues and I at Culture Amp have been researching what makes New Tech employees tick. New Tech companies are some of the most innovative in the world, and although recent media would suggest otherwise, many New Tech companies have successful workplace culture programs. In our latest report, we looked at the industry as a whole and also analyzed the advantages reaped by the very best (New Tech organizations with the top 10% of engagement scores) when it comes to employee engagement. Here’s one interesting result: Recruiting HR You’ll see we learned that the most engaged organizations have a Glassdoor CEO approval rating of 95 percent, compared to just 80 percent for organizations not within the top 10 percent. In addition, people who work at the most engaged organizations are 20 percent more likely to recommend their employer on Glassdoor. They’re also 30 percent less likely to be looking for a new job (away from your company). So, not only are engaged employees more committed to staying at their current companies, they’re talking about it openly. The Mattermark Growth Scores of the top 10 percent most engaged organizations are significantly higher than other organizations. Employee engagement has an impact on employee retention and the likelihood of employees to recommend their company as a great place to work. Managers often overlook the impact of employee engagement on company growth. It’s clear that when companies cultivate employee engagement internally, they are setting their company up for success. Ultimately, good workplace culture is good business.

How highly engaged New Tech companies succeed

Using our aggregate data, we can take a look at what companies with the top 10 percent of engagement scores are doing differently than other companies. Below are the questions where the the top 10 percent most outperform the rest. As you can see, effectively distributing resources, systems, and processes that support getting work done well are two areas where these highly engaging companies also outperform. recruiting HR Read more about what New Tech companies are doing to improve employee engagement in Culture Amp’s newest report: What New Tech employees need; Insights for driving engagement and retention. Jason McPherson is the Chief Scientist at Culture Amp, the world's leading culture analytics platform. Stay up-to-date on his research by following Culture Amp on Twitter or LinkedIn.