Recruiters: Here's How to Attract More Gen Y Workers

Apr 16, 2013 - Joe Matar

Considering the noticeable shift in technology, it’s no wonder the younger generation now permeating corporations is demanding more than ever. For recruiters, these new demands can seem impossible to meet at first glance.

But as recruiters and businesses take a closer look, more and more recognize how they can benefit from the requests of this up-and-coming workforce.

Why? Because salary is not the only aspect the Gen Y workforce takes into consideration when finding a new job. Instead, Gen Y workers often place a higher value on the perks and benefits of a job—and many businesses see this as a win-win.

As a recruiter, here’s how you can attract top-level Gen Y talent without shelling out extravagant salaries:

1. Offer the option to work remotely

Many businesses see telecommuting as dangerous. How will you know what your employees are doing? What if people slack off at home and their productivity decreases?

For Gen Y workers, however, having the option to telecommute shows a level of trust. The trust shown by businesses to allow employees to work out of the office creates more value among the workforce, making them want to work harder for you.

While you do not need to offer full-time telecommuting options, allowing your employees to work from home one day a week can be an attractive offer, as can increasing the number of days an employee can telecommute the longer that person is with the company.

2. Upgrade your office with modern and ergo-friendly furniture

Gone are the days of executive desks and boardroom style chairs. Now, Gen Y employees want to feel comfortable in their workplace. More importantly, they want to feel healthy.

In the past, employees were required to sit for long hours at a time. Now, more and more studies show the health risks of sitting behind a desk for hours on end. These studies have created a need among savvy employees for ergonomic, modern office furniture instead of clunky leather chairs.

When a new recruit walks through your office to interview, make a strong first impression and show off your non-stuffy side through your office furniture: a treadmill desk, a standing desk or any modern design that makes work a little more fun, energetic and healthy.

Show potential employees you care for their well-being while at work. Your employment package will appeal to more Gen Yers if the workspace is modern and health-conscious.

3. Partner with local businesses to offer community-centric perks

Gen Y workers place a high value on work-life balance. This is particularly true with so many young families who have two household incomes or tight budgets. To help, recruiters and businesses can make deals with other businesses in the area, making life a little bit easier on their team.

When a business partners with surrounding local establishments such as daycares, gyms and restaurants, everyone wins.

As a recruiter, your company will look more attractive because of the perks from local establishments you offer employees. For the employees, these perks can save money and provide new opportunities that a larger paycheck each month might not have offered. The community also benefits because the business and its team supports other local small businesses.

By partnering with local businesses, your company shows passion for the community where you work. In addition, you make life a little bit easier on the people who work hard to build your business.

Attracting the younger workforce does not have to be difficult when you offer the right benefits. Consider these to capture the attention of the Gen Y workers you need to help fuel your business’s innovation and growth.

Kimberly Crossland is a small business owner who has done her fair share of recruiting in the corporate world and for her company. She’s also a Gen Y worker who places high value on benefits, such as a treadmill desk, over monetary compensation and understands how important this is to the recruitment process.