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How to Become an Award-Winning Recruiter

Aug 30, 2022 - Cat DiStasio

Award-winning recruiters may never see their name in lights or their face on the cover of a magazine. But helping your organization deliver a world-class candidate experience while controlling costs and easing the strain on talent acquisition teams not only shows that you have great problem-solving skills, but it can also put you in an advantageous position when it comes to career development. Top recruiters may have more options when it comes to promotions, salary negotiations, future employers, and other opportunities for advancement in their respective job role.

Several Brazen customers fit this description, and from their achievements within the recruitment industry, we can glean a number of best practices that could help any career-minded recruiter build toward a healthy, stable, and long-term career in talent acquisition. Here’s your action plan for making that happen in today's modern recruitment era.

Be the Technology Hero

The concept is simple: adopt a new tool and show proof that it works. By bringing in a solution that makes work easier for your team, facilitates recruiting efforts, improves results, and helps your organization control costs, you can pretty much save the day. This certainly won’t happen overnight but it’s well worth the effort. Convincing your C-suite to approve the budget might take some doing and once you have that support, you can work to drive adoption by providing adequate training and showing your teammates’ the firsthand benefits your new HR tech can offer as a real differentiator: expanding your talent pool, engaging with more candidates on a daily basis, speeding up the recruiting process, and streamlining manual work.

Example: AdventHealth, Brazen customer and CandE award winner, cut time-to-hire with virtual recruiting. “We have seen our times drop by over 10 days since adopting virtual recruiting,” said Cathy Henesey, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at AdventHealth. “When you add that up across the number of hires we do each year, that’s significant, and that’s 100% because of virtual.” (Read more about their success in this case study.)

Illustrate the ROI

Successful recruiters know that tying your achievements to the bottom line is a sure-fire way to garner support from your organization’s leaders. Illustrate the business case for virtual recruiting by putting dollar values on your hiring process results—and by estimating the lost opportunity costs by delaying solutions that could help your recruitment process thrive.

Example: Reducing time to hire can help organizations recover thousands to millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Multiplying the opportunity cost per role by the number of days you save and the number of open roles helps you determine the actual cost benefit of implementing the virtual recruiting tools you're aiming to obtain. So don't be afraid to crunch the numbers and show exactly how valuable these tools can be. 

Become a Tech Leader Within your Organization

You don’t have to work in IT or even be in a management position to become a technology leader. Anyone in talent acquisition can become an expert in the new tools your team adopts and train others. At a minimum, sharing your knowledge helps peers do their jobs more effectively and can help streamline the experience for other users of the technology. Don’t limit training to the TA team, either. Include training for hiring managers and anyone else who will use the tool in any capacity. If you’re able to go further by teaching and mentoring your professional network in best practices, troubleshooting, market trends, and creative use cases for external and internal events, you’ll become an invaluable part of your organization’s technology investment and further strengthen your recruitment career.

Build an Internal Case Study

Create a case study that illustrates how your team uses a tool and the benefits you’ve gained to help foster adoption in other parts of your organization, whether that’s other business units or different locations. Leverage the power of data analytics (and your excellent communication skills!) to tell your success story, and offer examples of how other departments might use the same technology and recruitment tools to make progress toward their goals. (Side note: if you’re already a Brazen customer and would like us to feature your organization in a case study, contact your account manager for more information.)

Take Steps Now to Build your Recruiting Career

Becoming an award-winning recruiter is easy once you know the steps you need to take within your own professional organization to make it happen. We recommend reading A Recruiter’s Guide to Selling Virtual Recruiting Tech to Your Boss and scheduling a demo with Brazen to learn more about how our solutions can help you achieve your objectives. With the right tools in place, you’ll be ready to implement the rest of our advice. We can’t wait to read about your accomplishments!

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