How to create remarkable content to attract top talent

Apr 15, 2019 - Joe Matar
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Joe: And I think it's that same mentality you were telling me that you actually give to your clients. So I wanted to actually just throw it back over to you and talk about what that strategy is that you use, not just in your marketing but that you use to help recruiting teams find top talent. Ed: Yeah, so I get the pleasure of through my business of working with huge multinationals, and small startups, in really every industry ever from tech to manufacturing, to life sciences. And, as I was saying to you before, people forget with employer brand that this is the most emotional buy in their life. Outside of getting married and having children, there is no more important decision than your career. It's how we identify ourselves. And so to stand out in a crowd of noise where everyone's talking online and everyone's saying, "look at me, look at me, look at me!" The best way is to get to them as a human being. And I've studied content for years. At the end of every year I go and look up the most popular content on Facebook, the most popular content on Twitter, the most popular content on all the channels and there is a theme. It's either funny or it's emotional. What I call humor or heart. The iconic drama masks. Think those. And if it's not funny or if it doesn't inspire emotion, nobody cares. And so in working with my clients, first it's to find out who are you, and I do focus groups and I ask lots of questions about the people that work there, their employees, things that they're attracted to but also content they engage with and we develop that voice. So for example, I work, in some cases, with companies that are literally trying to cure cancer. We're obviously not making a lot of jokes when we do that there. But in other companies there's a very vibrant, energetic, passionate, humorous group of people there who respond to that. And if you look at the stuff that stands out, that are looked at best in breed, of employer brand content it's the stuff that gives you "the feels" or "the giggles". And that's the stuff that I try to do because we always forget with content it has to also be entertaining. There's a reason why people stop. It's the "what's in it for me?" And even if it's learning something new, there's an entertainment aspect to that. So that's a formula that I think a lot of people overlook that's really, really critical. The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution ad

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