How to Fit in Time for Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

Dec 13, 2013 -

In the fast-paced life of business-savvy go-getters, health and fitness can often be put on the back burner of priorities. Yet just as a car without routine maintenance doesn’t ride as efficiently, professionals without routine health practices don’t think as clearly and creatively.

As employees, business owners, business executives and CEOs, we need our bodies and minds to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Million-dollar ideas aren’t fed with dollar menu diets. (Click here to Tweet this thought.)

One part of being extremely busy is that we don’t have time for non-essentials. We need “get in, get out” workouts that give us the most bang for our buck. As a celebrity trainer with clients ranging from fortune 500 CEOs to busy moms starting up new businesses, these are the keys I found most effective to keeping your fitness routines as vibrant as your career...

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