How to get employees to leave reviews on Glassdoor with Jennifer Newbill from Dell

Mar 25, 2019 - Joe Matar
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Joe Matar: What's up everybody. Thank you for joining me today. I have a very special guest. Jennifer Newbill: You're welcome. Thank you for having me, Joe. Joe: Yeah, so, I have a couple questions for you I was hoping you could answer for me. So we, you and I were talking about how Glassdoor, you know, a rating site is really changing the experience for both employees and candidates. Can you talk about how that's really transformed your culture at Dell and what you're doing to take in that new channel? Jennifer: Yeah absolutely. So we first started talking about Glassdoor probably back in 2010-2011 when it was still a newer platform and we didn't fully embrace it right away. We kind of sat back and watched and wanted to make sure it wasn't just a site where people were just complaining and it turned out that there was a pretty transparent but honest view on what people's experiences were with the company whether they were interviewing with a company or their employee. There were some good experiences that people were having which was great and then there were not so good. And so we started to talk about Glassdoor a lot and that was all the way down to our frontline employees to say "hey, this site is out here, we know some of your writing reviews, they're anonymous, don't worry, we don't know who you are but we're comfortable with this and we're comfortable with all of you reading the reviews, sharing your experience, we want our candidates that are going to Glassdoor to learn more about us," which we could see the ever-increasing visits. I mean it was just you couldn't argue the fact, right? And we just said we want our candidates to have a realistic preview of what it's like to work at the company. And so our employees really started to think about what was the message that they, as employees, were sending to candidates. It wasn't so much the marketing team or the employment brand team and oh that's their job. They started to really realize that they had accountability and responsibility as an employee with what candidates were seeing and hearing and that their one review actually made a big impact and a big difference. So one of the things I would do is I would take a snapshot of a review and I would say by the way this one review got 8,000 views and people would, it would really kind of really blow people away. They'd be like "Really? There's that many people checking us out?" Yeah this one review. And I would usually show them one review that was really good that got five to 10,000 views and then I would show them one that was not so good to say, "Hey, this is what people are seeing, there's, you know, there's nothing we can do but embrace it." So that's kind of the beginning of our journey with Glassdoor. The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution ad

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