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How to Grab Candidates’ Attention (and Why It’s More Important Than Ever)

Dec 02, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

According to October’s JOLTS results published by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, open roles still greatly outnumber hires– by a lot. And many candidates have a lot of options due to all the available job opportunities on the market. Employers need to take bold steps to stand out among all the opportunities out there.

As Aaron Crouse, National Sourcing Manager for Ascension said during our latest healthcare hiring webinar, “talent scarcity is a real issue. Just in America, we don't have enough nurses, and that’s just ONE of the vital roles you need to run a hospital. There just aren’t enough clinical staff to go around. So the way you’re contacting people (email, phone calls, bots, etc.) has to be able to grab someone’s attention to really separate you from the competition.”

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Talent Shortages Aren’t Just Affecting Frontline Clinical Workers, But Everyone in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare organizations depend on a wide variety of differently-skilled people to run, as City of Hope’s recent growth proved.

Lori Burt, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition explained in this clip from our 2022 healthcare expert webinar, “City of Hope has been expanding all across the United States with its recent acquisition of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, so we are growing like crazy. Nurses, clinical lab specialists, lab scientists, and all of those folks are always going to be in need. But who would've ever thought coming out of the pandemic that we wouldn't be able to find enough food service workers? And so that became a mission-critical job for us, because you can't run a hospital without a kitchen”.

What Works to Capture the Best Candidates’ Interest and Attention

Other than higher salaries and competitive benefits, which have proven to be effective tactics in attracting new talent, there are other strategies that health-focused organizations can utilize to differentiate themselves from their competition.

According to our latest research and panel of industry experts, these were the top ideas moving healthcare hiring forward

1. Offering a Conversation as a First Step

    Healthcare professionals’ time is extremely valuable, so don’t expect them to fill in a lengthy application form before they know if the role you’re trying to fill is worth the effort. Instead, offer them the opportunity to learn more about the job, your teams, and facility in an interactive, casual environment. Hold periodic informational sessions for specific groups of healthcare workers that give prospective applicants the chance to learn more about your organization and the day-to-day realities of a role, not just with recruiters, but with the hiring managers and peers they’d be potentially working alongside every day.

    As Cathy Henesey, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at AdventHealth advised during our virtual webinar, “get candidates into your funnel FIRST, then have them fill out an application LATER. It’s all about capturing that initial attraction and reducing as many friction points as you can along the way”.

    2. Making Candidates’ Convenience a Priority

    Can you engage with potential recruits during their breaks or free time at home, rather than force them to take time off from their jobs to travel to and from an in-person hiring event that’s based someplace else? Because everyone has a cellphone or mobile device nowadays, and Brazen research shows that almost 100% of them would be as likely or even more likely to pursue a job opportunity if there was a virtual event as the first step in a hiring process.

    So make it as easy as possible for healthcare talent to talk to you before they apply, and use the technology at your disposal to make that process as uncomplicated and accessible as possible in order to make that first connection. 

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    3. Streamlining the Interview Process and Shortening Time-to-Hire

    Long-gone are the days of a 3-month application process because –thanks to the national healthcare talent shortage– chances are good that your star candidates will be long-gone before they ever get to the end of it. So it’s up to you to move quickly and jump on qualified candidates as soon as they fulfill all the necessary requirements, or risk losing them to another organization that will.

    “Our newest candidate attraction strategy is promoting that we are prepared to offer qualified candidates an offer on the same day in which they interview. It’s been working really well for us as a way to attract talent to the top of our hiring funnel.” -Cathy Henesey, Vice President of Talent Acquisition at AdventHealth

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    Virtual Hiring Events Support These Tactics and More

    Tools like Brazen’s virtual recruitment platform are designed to help you attract more candidates, speed up your hiring process, and keep good candidates engaged with your organization longer, which is key in healthcare hiring today.

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