How to repurpose content on LinkedIn to attract more job seekers

May 13, 2019 - Joe Matar

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While many recruiters are evolving their strategy to create more high-quality content like employee stories and then sharing this content on LinkedIn, a frequent struggle we hear about is that this content is not seen by many people on LinkedIn. But unless you have a large following on LinkedIn, this is likely going to be the case. But there is a way to overcome this barrier and it all has to do with repurposing your content. Instead of only sharing your content just once on LinkedIn, don't be afraid to share it multiple times. And check out our latest video to get more advice from Joe on how to get more miles out of your videos.

Full Transcript

Joe Matar: All right. I'm gonna take these off because I can barely see.

But what I wanted to talk about today is repurposing content on LinkedIn.

And so if you've been following me at all recently I've been talking a lot about how, or my guests have been talking about how as a recruiter or talent acquisition professional you cannot just be posting the job description or the jobs that your company is hiring for on LinkedIn and expect to get any traction. Instead you need to be posting, you need to be creating what marketers call is "evergreen content." So that's your content around employee stories or getting employees to do videos or sharing stuff about your industry. And that's what's going to get the attention of that top talent.

And it's been awesome. Recently, I've seen an uptick in this type of content. So it's happening. There's a change. However, I've also been getting some messages from recruiters who have been saying, "Hey, look, Joe, I'm creating this content (awesome) but it's not getting in front of that many people. In other words it's not getting that many views.

I get it. That's gonna happen. And the reason for that is unless you have a really big network, unless you have a really large following, your content is not going to be seen by that many people unless you do what I started this video off by talking about which is repurposing your content.

It's all about frequency. And so if you can get that content, that evergreen content, promoted more frequently, more people are gonna see it. So if you do create a video with an employee talking about the benefits of working at your company I would suggest, yes, promoting it on LinkedIn. But you can also use that video to send a direct message to candidates that you're interested in talking to more and saying, "Hey, look Mr. Candidate I created this video with one of my employees talking about why it's so great to work here at our company. I think you might find this interesting."

And another suggestion is you can promote that video just across LinkedIn, multiple social channels, multiple times. Maybe you put that video out there once per month, maybe you start a series of videos and you repurpose those and you use them more frequently.

And so that's the key to getting your content in front of more job seekers is to repurpose it and use it multiple times.

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