How to use the power of reciprocity to persuade job seekers to join your team

May 02, 2019 - Joe Matar

In this short video, Joe Matar, director of marketing at Brazen, explains how you can use the power of the psychology technique, reciprocity, to persuade job seekers to come join your team. Watch the video now to learn this super easy secret.

Full Transcript

Joe Matar: So there's this concept in psychology of 'reciprocity' which pretty much means if I give you something, you're more than likely to want to return that favor and give me something. And this same psychology concept or theory I think can apply to recruiting and to talent acquisition.

Just think about it. Instead of reaching out to job seekers and candidates that you want to bring into your organization and saying, "hey, come apply to this job," think about some things you could do to give to them that then they're gonna feel obligated to want to return the favor.

Things like maybe you can ask to help them with their resume or to update their LinkedIn profile or just answer any questions that they might have about your organization and then after you've primed them or set them up they're gonna be more likely to want to then return the favor by coming to chat with you, apply to your jobs, whatever it is you want them to do. So use psychology, use that concept of reciprocity, to help you get connected to more job seekers. And if you liked this video make sure you like it. Thanks.

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