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Lake County Unlocks The Power of Brazen to Innovate In-Person Hiring Events

Aug 11, 2023 - Tiffany Monhollon

In today's competitive landscape, building a strategic hiring event strategy is a powerful way to drive recruiting outcomes. And today, talent acquisition teams are thinking strategically about the best mix of virtual and in-person hiring events to help them meet their goals. But hosting in-person hiring events in a way that provides a seamless, engaging experience for everyone involved - from recruiting teams to hiring managers to candidates - can be daunting, if not downright frustrating.

That's why we're excited to share a powerful case study that reveals the transformative capabilities of Brazen's In-Person Event Management Solution. No matter what industry you’re in, these insights will empower you to reimagine your in-person recruiting events and elevate your overall talent acquisition outcomes with a holistic hiring event strategy.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Lake County Schools:

Unraveled the Mystery of In-Person Hiring Event Success

Before Brazen, "Our in-person events always kind of remained a mystery."

Streamlined Event Registration & Check-In

"The launch of the check-in and registration feature was very easy to use. We ended up having several hundred registrations for the event!"

Unleashed Data-Driven Insight for In-Person & Drove Hiring Results

Instead of waiting weeks (or more!) for actionable in-person hiring event data, with Brazen, Lake County Schools was able to get critical candidate data within hours of hosting their event, and they were able to accelerate the hiring process – and tie this hiring event to hires! “We hired a third of the candidates that showed up!”

    With Brazen to Power In Person Hiring Events You Can: 

    • Revolutionize In-Person Events: Discover how Brazen's technology can revolutionize your in-person hiring event strategy, regardless of your industry. Efficiency, engagement, and impact await.
    • Simplify Your Processes: Learn how to streamline registration, check-in, and data collection, removing manual bottlenecks and ensuring a seamless participant experience.
    • Embrace Data-Driven Decision-Making: Learn how you can access real-time metrics to measure success, track participation, track hiring results, and make smarter choices for your next hiring event.
    • Build a Robust Talent Pipeline: Discover how you can equip your team with the all-in-one hiring event solution that equips you to host powerful events, attracting top-notch candidates and creating an engaged pipeline of talent.

    Dive in to the full Lake County Schools success story and unlock the potential of Brazen's In-Person Events Management Solution. 

    It's not just a case study; it's your roadmap to supercharging your in-person hiring events and gaining a competitive edge.

    Ready to learn how you can hire more people for less with Brazen?
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