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TA Teams’ Greatest Challenges in 2022 [Infographic]

May 17, 2022 - Valery Caputi Lopez

It’s been a really tough couple of years to be a talent acquisition professional, to say the least. In addition to a global pandemic, hiring teams have had to perform their jobs in one of the most volatile and complex recruitment environments in recorded history, quickly adapting to deal with new emerging realities such as remote work, talent shortages, increased competition, and a more candidate-focused job market. While everyone’s experience is certainly unique, some recurring themes came to light in our latest survey-based report with the Talent Board on the subject of talent attraction and engagement in 2022.

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In our newest infographic based on this research, we delve into how recruiting teams are currently responding and reacting to these major roadblocks to give our readers a better idea of the trends and actions moving talent acquisition forward in 2022 and beyond.

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TA Teams' Greatest Challenges in 2022 And How They're Coping Infographic

This infographic also highlights:

  • How many companies are reducing requisition barriers to attract more qualified candidates into their pipelines
  • Which areas TA teams are focusing their time and energy on to improve their hiring game
  • What tech stack investments respondents planned to make to stay competitive
  • How many TA teams currently use or plan to use virtual recruiting and hybrid events to boost their hiring
  • What is the leading cause of job dissatisfaction for recruiters in larger companies (so you can avoid it in time)

Infographic Transcript

TA Teams’ Greatest Challenges in 2022 (and How They’re Coping)

In the midst of a historically challenging talent market, what are the top challenges TA teams are facing right now – and are the technology, tools, and tactics are they using going to help them face them? Brazen and the Talent Board jointly surveyed a total of 375 recruiters from companies of all sizes and a wide array of industries across the world to examine these questions and more.

The Top 5 Challenges TA Teams face in 2022 are:

  1. Candidate ghosting
  2. Engaging passive talent
  3. Attracting diverse candidates
  4. High application drop off
  5. Finding solid sourcing channel and partners

While it might have been a rare occurrence just a few years ago, candidate ghosting is now the top challenge for TA teams in 2022.

Forbes* reported last year that 76% of employers said they’d been ghosted by candidates in the prior 12 months, and 57% said it’s more common than ever before.

Our research of TA teams found that:

  • A combined 78% say their pipelines contain passive talent
  • 51% said passive talent makes up almost 50% of their pipelines
  • 41% of are targeting more passive candidates now than before the pandemic

However, a combined 46% of TA teams are not actively targeting more passive candidates than before the pandemic, putting their hiring goals at risk.

What Else are Companies Doing in Response?

To get more applicants in the pipeline, 42% of companies have reduced their requisition barriers to attract more talent. 27% of them haven’t done so (but are already considering it).

More TA teams will also focus on:

  • Employee referrals (43%) → *signs show this source of talent will increase
  • More LinkedIn posting (38%)
  • More social media posting (35%)
  • More recruitment marketing (34%)
  • More virtual recruiting events (29%)

Many plan to increase their investments in recruiting tech to better attract fresh talent.

Their top 3 tech stack investments will be made in:

  • Virtual recruiting event platforms
  • Job distribution platforms/software with programmatic advertising
  • Video job description platforms

Demand for virtual recruiting technology will nearly double (2X) next year

  • 61% of TA teams already use or plan to use virtual recruiting events in the next year
  • 84% plan to use a hybrid (part in-person, part virtual) recruiting approach
  • 64% of large TA teams use virtual recruiting in their DEIB programs

Even as in-person events make a comeback, most TA teams will still use virtual technologies in 2022 and beyond. Why? The TB found that the #1 Driver of Low Satisfaction for Large Recruiting Teams is lack of time/bandwidth.

Luckily, hiring and sourcing tech can significantly reduce time-to-hire, and TA professionals who use recruiting technologies such as CRMs, sourcing tools, chatbots, AI, and virtual recruiting platforms report higher satisfaction rates than those who don’t.

So how will you help your hiring team face this year’s challenges?

To learn how Brazen’s virtual recruiting platform and hiring solutions can help you reach top talent, convert more candidates, and accelerate your hiring process, visit or sign up for a demo.

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