Introducing New Landing Screens Built for Conversion

Apr 07, 2017 -
Brazen’s event landing screen is a critical part of hosting a successful chat event. As you market and promote your events, you want to be sure your page is optimized to both draw in attendees and introduce the Brazen chat experience. After all, landing screens are the gateway to your online chat events. Small enhancements to your landing screen layout can make all the difference when it comes to increasing your registration numbers. Today we’re excited to introduce two new landing screen designs focused on Hiring and Networking. We’ve designed these new screens with two goals in mind:
  1. Increase conversions by following best practices proven to drive results.
  2. Make it quick and easy for you to design a landing page by eliminating the need for you to explain many of the logistics and value of attending a chat event.
Check out the some of nifty new features below and try one out in your next event:

Make it easy to register

Users are invited to enter their information and sign up directly on the landing page! It's quick and obvious what information is required to participate.

Create urgency

A countdown clock has been added to create urgency to register in the final days and hours leading up to your event. Just like when you’re shopping for shoes online and see “Only 1 pair left!”

Draw attention to the call to action

The “Reserve My Spot” call to action encourages users to act now, while the bright orange color grabs their attention.

Sell the value of attending

The first question on most visitors' minds is “Why should I attend?” To answer that question, we’ve added a sampling of the key benefits of attending front and center on the page to get them excited and eager to sign up.

Demystify the experience

Many people are unfamiliar with chat events so we’ve included a new simple step-by-step guide with visuals to walk them through the basics.

Support with peer testimonials

From Yelp to Amazon Reviews, peer recommendations can be a critical component in decision-making. To leverage this, we’ve highlighted some real quotes from participants about their online event experiences.  
Ready to make the switch to the new design? Follow this step-by-step guide and you'll be set up for success.
We created these templates in an effort to make it easier for our customers to make great landing screens that convert. More to come from us on the product side, but in the meantime, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how these templates work out for you! Drop a line at Cheers!