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Why You Need To Double Down on Recruitment Marketing Right Now

Aug 11, 2021 - Cat DiStasio

There really is no time like the present. The old adage rings true in so many different circumstances, not the least of which is recruitment marketing. Applying marketing principles and strategies to your talent acquisition efforts helps employers stand out and compete for attention, which is especially important amid a talent shortage (like, you know, the present).

Investing in recruitment marketing is the best way to quickly improve your recruiting outcomes, while also laying the groundwork for long-term gains. Let’s explore why now is the time to act.

Recruitment Marketing Can Have Immediate Impacts

Many Recruitment Marketing tactics can work quickly to help you attract more and better qualified candidates. When you’re using virtual recruiting events to quickly screen large numbers of potential hires, investing in advertising these events drives more job seekers to them. Increasing your virtual event attendance can have an immediate impact on your ability to meet near-term hiring goals.

Attracting more job seekers to your virtual hiring events can also help you reduce your time to hire, saving you time (and time is money, of course). Speeding up the recruiting process also reduces the chances that you’ll lose a candidate’s attention to a competitor, so you could see improvement in your abandon rate and offer acceptance rate. This is an especially important consideration amid the recent rise of remote work, which has prompted many large employers to open up their recruiting searches across the country, meaning even local employers are now competing against the big guys for the same pool of talent.

Investing in Recruitment Marketing Also Pays Off Long Term

In addition to the immediate boosts Recruitment Marketing can offer, a consistent investment in recruitment marketing pays dividends over time. Recruitment Marketing helps you broaden your talent pool and build your talent community so you have a viable candidate pool whenever you need it, whether that’s a month from now, or three months, or next year.

Recruitment Marketing also elevates your employer brand and can help job seekers see you as an in-demand employer. Don’t underestimate how important your reputation is to job seekers. A majority (86%) of job seekers research a potential employer’s reviews before deciding whether to apply, and three-fourths (75%) of active job seekers are likely to apply for a job when an employer actively manages its employer brand.

Recruitment Marketing Makes Recruiters’ Jobs Easier

Retaining your recruiting staff is, naturally, essential to your success at all times. This is especially true now, as many employers are struggling to hire enough recruiters to meet their hiring demands.

Recruitment Marketing strategies help attract more targeted, qualified candidates so recruiters can save time screening and spend more time engaging in quality conversations and building relationships with candidates. When used in tandem with virtual hiring events, RM can help you accelerate targeted candidates more quickly through your hiring process, streamlining the lift for your recruiting team.

Recruitment marketing also improves candidate experience by enabling an engaging recruiting process that helps candidates feel special (especially when you use candidate personas). On top of that, Recruitment Marketing strengthens your employer brand. Together, these have the side effect of giving recruiters/hiring managers more to work with, so they can confidently choose the right candidate for each open position.

Investing in Your Organization’s Future

Don’t wait until the new year to create a new recruitment marketing strategy, because it might be too late. Fortunately, investing in recruitment marketing is easy and scalable, so you can get started today and begin reaping the benefits right away. Paid and organic advertising can attract more candidates to your virtual recruiting events, which also helps broaden your talent pool and build up your talent community. Creating and sharing content that tells more stories about your organizational culture and employee experience can also help attract top talent. With competition heating up in many industries, there really is no time like the present to take action.

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