Job seekers want you to keep your message simple

May 04, 2019 - Joe Matar

What do car manufactures and recruiting have in common? Well, the simple fact that in order to sell cars, car companies most keep their message simple. So simple, that people associate your company with only one word. Take Volvo for example. Even though Volvo is no where near the safest car on the market, everyone associates Volvo with safety. That is the exact same thing recruiters need to be thinking about when messaging their own company and position. What's that one key word that you want job seekers and candidates to latch on to? If you find that, you give yourself a fighting chance to attract top talent. If not, you confuse the heck out of your audience.

Full Transcript

Joe Matar: Hey guys. I'm here at the gym. I'm in between sets, almost out of breath here. But I got about 45 seconds. I was thinking of something and that is, you know, as an employer brander or as a talent acquisition professional you're trying to fight through the clutter to get a job seeker's attention.

And I can boil your strategy down into one word and that is: simple. You have to keep your message simple. I know you offer lots of benefits, you know, your culture, PTO, whatever it may be but job seekers are being bombarded with tons of messages so if you can find that one term, that one adjective to focus in on, that's gonna help you fight through the noise.

Think of a company like Volvo. Their message is all about safety even though Volvo isn't actually rated as the safest car everyone knows it is safe. So find that one word, find that adjective, stick to it. That's how you're going to get attention. And if you like this video make sure you hit like on it and I'll see on the next one. Now back to my set.

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