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How to Market Your Multi-Employer Career Fair to Employers

Sep 23, 2021 - Valery Caputi Lopez

A big part of the appeal of any multi-employer career fair is the organizations candidates may get a chance to meet with. The more great employers your career fair will host, the more your event will attract top candidates who want a chance to connect with those employers. To make sure it's well-attended, your event promotions have to catch the eye of new and emerging employers while also solidifying the resolve of participating organizations, guaranteeing everyone will show up.

So how will your next multi-employer hiring event attract both returning and new key employers? For starters, hone in on your messaging and try these tips:

1. Advertise Your Event Online

    From paid advertising to social media marketing, it’s critical to make sure you’re promoting the opportunity to participate in your multi-employer career fair to the right target audiences.

    Find places to list your event on sites where employers are looking for new events that will help them reach new talent pools. For example, Brazen’s upcoming virtual events site enables our multi-employer career fair hosts to list their events, so that employers can quickly and easily find out information about how to apply to attend. It’s also an easy way to see how other event organizers are promoting their events so you can get inspired for your own online event advertising.

    2. Promote to Your Existing Database of Employers

      If you’ve hosted a multi-employer career fair already, make sure you’re marketing this event to those who have already attended one of your events!

      Make sure to highlight new information and features that help your event stand out and more successfully connect employers to top candidates. For example, if you’ve adopted a new virtual career fair strategy from a former series of in-person only events, tell employers how this new platform helps you expand your reach, offers more accessibility, and enables them to save time and travel costs to participate in these events.

      3. Develop Messaging About Your Talent Pool

        Make sure the messaging for your employer promotional strategy clearly communicates who the members in your employer networks, communities, and past event attendees are. These are critical insights that will compel employers to participate in your future events. So, make sure you’re highlighting details such as

        • How many candidates to expect at your event (based on past attendance)?
        • What types of employers have historically joined your events?
        • How large is the community around your event brand?
        • What specific features of your talent community are special - such as a focus on a specific job background, technical talent, diversity group, interest group, professional affiliation, or level of job experience.

        Ask yourself these questions too: is your talent pool unique in more than one way? Are there special aspects about your talent pool that make them extra attractive to specific employers, such as a location, job skill, background, diversity, industry, titles or job levels?

        One of the key aspects that will drive target employers to attend your exclusive event is the open access they will get to your unique talent pool, so build your event messaging around why your particular type of talent pool helps potential exhibitors reach their goals more quickly and easily. Then connect the dots and communicate these synergies with the employers that will find them most impactful in your main employer-facing landing pages and advertisements. If in doubt about what they're looking for, look on their career sites to gauge what roles they're trying to fill to highlight matches between them and your featured candidate pool.

        The more employers know about the talent pool they’ll be able to connect with at your event, the better they'll be able to judge whether or not your upcoming event is worthwhile and aligns with their hiring objectives.

        4. Highlight Success Stories in Your Marketing to Employers

          Do you have success stories from former employment fairs that illustrate how your hiring events have helped organizations hire great talent or job seekers find great employers? If so, then feature them in your new event promotions, and stat! If you have approval to use names and company details, even better! If not, you can make the success story anonymous. For example, you could say that a front-end developer found a role at a SaaS company in the security industry at a recent hiring event, and share any quotes or anecdotes about that story, without using the name of the candidate or hiring organization. Even without these names, sharing the success stories of members of your talent community helps paint the picture for employers of how your event can help them find the candidates they need.

          So always take the time to set up collection processes during the course of and at the end of your events for future use in promotional materials, such as via post-event surveys that ask for testimonials and impressions. While you can always go back and check in with your past guests at a later point in time, important details might get lost if deferred for too long, so don't let the collection of these stories fall by the wayside and always keep them top of mind.

          5) Include Target Results & KPIs for Your Events

          Paint potential employers a picture of what they can expect based on the numbers and key performance indicators you've collected on past events, such as sharing if your event has historically had a high attendance rate.

          While it's more difficult to track these during in-person events, virtual events offer a variety of ways to keep a pulse on your events' performance and success, among other benefits. In fact, if you've hosted a virtual multi-employer job fair in the past (like with Brazen!), you likely already have many facts and figures related to event attendance, engagement, and hiring numbers that you can feature front-and-center in your future event promotional efforts.

          5) Showcase Special Event Features & Event Hosts

          Lastly, make some space in your advertising materials to highlight activities that set your multi-employer hiring event apart for that extra promotional 'oompf'. 

          Need some ideas? From giveaways to creative career fair events to keynote speakers, they're all extra reasons for employers to consider your multi-employer job fair as a great investment and a potentially enriching experience for their attending representatives as well as the candidates they're looking to hire. So as the saying goes, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” as a surefire way to to stoke that extra interest.

          With these key talking points in tow and a good communications strategy to get them in front of your target employers, your upcoming multi-employer career fair will be excellently positioned to attract the best quality companies. And as new employers come into the fold, you’ll have more chances to use them in your future promotional efforts (bonus!), thus opening the door to even more marketing opportunities to advertise your hiring event.

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