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83% of Job Seekers Prefer Virtual Recruiting Events

Sep 28, 2022 - Cat DiStasio

We’ve said it many times before, and data keeps reinforcing it: Virtual recruiting is here to stay. It’s cost-effective, scalable, and (most importantly) job seekers want it. And specifically, they want virtual career fairs and virtual hiring events.

Of those who have attended a virtual hiring event on the Brazen platform, 83% of job seekers say they prefer to attend a virtual event. This is crucial information, given that a majority (82%) of talent acquisition professionals plan to make the same amount or more hires in the second half of 2022. As we’ve all learned, the best way to improve recruiting results amid talent scarcity is to offer more of what job seekers want.

Despite the rise of virtual recruiting events, many employers are clinging to outdated strategies, even amid waning results. Attendance at in-person job fairs has dropped compared to pre-pandemic levels, sometimes by striking levels. We’re not saying every employer should stop hosting in-person events altogether, but adding virtual recruiting events to your talent acquisition plan helps you deliver a better candidate experience and, with many hybrid recruiting models, virtual events can help you speed up recruiting and improve the results of your in-person events.

The bottom line is that candidates still want the ability to connect with hiring teams and talk to recruiters directly. Thanks to the pandemic and the rapid adoption of virtual events, job seekers know they have options and once they’ve experienced the ease, efficiency, and outcomes of a virtual career fair, a vast majority prefer this option. Pivoting to virtual recruiting events can quickly and dramatically change your outcomes and appeal to new and previously unexplored talent pools.

Why Job Seekers Prefer Virtual Recruiting Events

Virtual recruiting events offer a wide range of benefits that don’t exist for event attendees going to traditional in-person job fairs.

Convenience. Job seekers and prospective candidates can participate in virtual recruiting events from anywhere on their preferred device, even while on a break from their current job. Hosting virtual recruiting events on multiple days/times gives candidates even more options to work with their busy schedules.

Saves time and money. Virtual hiring events require no travel, no need to arrange childcare, and no need to take off work or miss hours and pay. For job seekers juggling a job and family commitments, the option to have virtual interviews can make a world of difference, so get to know your target audience(s). Taking job seeker preferences into account when organizing your virtual hiring events greatly helps employers deliver a stellar candidate experience.

Access to answers, fast. Virtual recruitment events and digital events allow job seekers more control over their experience. They can access more information quickly and get answers about compensation, benefits, employee experience, and company culture (directly from current employees and company leaders, in some cases), and then connect quickly with a recruiter or hiring manager. There are even instant chat functions when hosting virtual info sessions that expedite this step even further, so be sure to explore all the tools at your disposal when planning upcoming virtual and hybrid events.

Expands options and reach. Virtual hiring events make it much easier for job seekers to connect with employers in other locations for still-coveted remote and flexible career opportunities, and they can also build relationships with more companies, faster, by attending online multi-employer career fairs during their job search.

All in all, when compared with in-person career fairs, virtual hiring events deliver a better, faster, more personalized experience for entire candidate pools at once, which can lead to higher levels of candidate engagement, less ghosting, and better hiring outcomes for both potential employers and job seekers alike.

Hybrid Recruiting Delivers Results

Some employers are using virtual recruiting alongside in-person methods so they can provide job seekers with whatever option they prefer. Hybrid recruiting models are plentiful, flexible, and scalable to meet your organization’s unique hiring goals and circumstances. Many employers are already enjoying the benefits of a hybrid approach and, this year, 84% of employers plan to use some version of hybrid recruiting.

Embracing Virtual Recruiting Events for the Long Haul

Virtual recruiting isn’t new, but it has evolved and expanded rapidly in recent years, accelerated by the pandemic. The future is wide open and virtual recruiting event ideas will continue to progress, with new features, tools, and best practices emerging constantly.

In today’s job market, it’s important to give candidates what they want, and that’s a customized candidate experience, the ability to talk with you on their time and terms, and virtual hiring events. Right now, offering virtual recruiting is a must if you want to be competitive with your job applications. Over time, job seekers may narrow their preferences and top employers will need to be ready to respond and give candidates what they want in order to remain on par with their competitors. So never lose touch with your candidates’ preferences or priorities and keep searching for even better ways to build positive connections with them.

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