New Product Releases - July 2020

Jul 28, 2020 - Amanda Ebling

Booth Tagging and Searching

Make it easy for candidates to navigate your booths! With booth tagging, candidates will be able to quickly and easily find the booths they are looking for without having to scroll through each booth. For example, you can tag your booths based on job category (engineering, nursing, IT, etc.), experience level, employment type, geography, or create custom categories.

Attendees will see a new “Search Booths” link on their left-hand navigation panel. This allows them to search booth titles (via basic search or via an advanced search) by applying filters to the booths based on the available booth tags. For example, an attendee could use advanced search to filter booths by “Employment Type = Full Time”, “Location = Arlington, TX”, “Job Category = Accounting & Finance” to see a list of booths that match all these tags.

See more details about booth tagging and searching here.

Search Booths Example

Add BrazenLive Video Broadcast booth to a Series and Template

It’s now even simpler to feature a Live Video Broadcast in your recurring events with the newly added ability to include a BrazenLive Video Broadcast booth in a series and in your event templates.

Learn more about how to do this here.

Video & Audio Chat reporting

With the new video & audio chat reporting, Admins can now better understand how Reps and attendees are using video or audio chat during each event. Access data from the downloadable event reports to answer questions like “what percentage of total chats used video or audio?” or “what was the average video or audio chat duration?” You can even track video and audio chat usage during your live event via the Activity Report.

See this support article for full details on data points, calculations, etc.

Admins control booth type

To ensure participants in your events are using the appropriate booth, we have made the Booth Type selectable by Admins only. Booth Owners still can customize their booth but will need to contact the Admin should they want to change their Booth Type.

API improvements

You can now gather even more data from the Brazen API to pass to your ATS, CRM or other platform of choice. Brazen’s API now includes:

    • A full list of events from your account
    • Each registrant’s first and last name
    • The registrant’s event attendance status
    • The Rep’s “Next Step” rating for each attendee
    • The Rep’s notes from each chat

Upcoming New Feature:

Invite Event Registrants to Schedule a Chat – Make sure you get a chance to speak with all of your top candidates! This new feature allows Reps to invite select event registrants to schedule a chat with them.

Here's how it works: Prior to the event, Reps can review the full list of event registrants & profiles and send an email invite to those they wish to chat with. Registrants simply select an open chat time and then will be automatically connected with that Rep during the live event.