Pandora in recruiting? Finding the channels that are underused for recruiting

May 09, 2019 - Joe Matar

Learn how Jen Ures at Adventist Health used Pandora to recruit. You heard that right, Pandora!

Then check out the full interview with Jen here.

Full Transcript

Joe: I want to know more about this Pandora commercial. So you did an ad through Pandora. What was it like, what did you say?

Jen: Oh man, so again I wanted to do something different beyond just a posting or a campaign or spend money here. I did a Pandora campaign during the holidays which is like the Superbowl time and when people are listening to music, cleaning their house, having their parties, whatever. And every three or four songs, if they weren't subscribing to the premiere

channel, they had to listen to the commercial.

And so it was like every maybe hour or so the Adventist Health commercial would come on and it really spoke to, I tried to emphasize: we want you, we want you to love working here, we want you to love living here, we want you to experience yourself in our culture and we have a mission, you have a mission and again it was that kind of human touch.

But who's doing a Pandora campaign? And we kind of started there and got a lot of traction and it speaks to again the value of bringing data back to the conversation, how many clicks did you have, how many people went to the jobs box, how many people called you back? All of that data was trackable. And that's what leaders want

to see.

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