4 steps to prepare for a successful virtual career fair

Aug 04, 2020 - Cat DiStasio

The best recruiting teams are always looking for ways to improve. Now, in the age of virtual career fairs and other online recruiting events, it’s easier than ever to level up from your last event. The success of virtual career fairs relies on proper planning in advance. Even if your in-person recruiting events have always been a big hit, plan to spend some extra time getting ready for your next virtual job career fair.

How many recruiters need to attend a virtual career fair?

A successful online career fair is a well-staffed virtual career fair. In-person career events typically require a lot more recruiters than virtual events, as each recruiter can connect with more candidates on a virtual platform. As a general rule, plan to have one recruiter available for every 10 candidates registered to attend your virtual career fair. This ratio helps recruiters keep a swift pace and avoids lengthy wait times for candidates to enter a chat. Regardless of the size of your event, you want to staff appropriately to improve the candidate experience and keep the event moving quickly.

Organize questions and resources ahead of time

One of the secrets to a successful virtual career fair is to gather candidates’ frequently asked questions, standardized interview questions, and key resources in advance, and share all this information with all the interviewers who will participate in the recruiting event. Your recruiters may be well versed in these resources but if you’re inviting hiring managers and other staff to screen candidates, you may want to hold a few training sessions leading up to the big event. Make sure all interviewers understand how to use the platform and know which questions to ask (and which to avoid).

If your interviewers will be on video, it’s also key that they dress appropriately (at least from the waist up) and check their environment to convey a professional appearance that represents your employer brand. You may enjoy admiring your wine collection but not all candidates will feel the same way. Interviewers don’t need to hang a fancy branded banner behind them but they should do a quick sweep to check for anything inappropriate or divisive. If video interviews are new to your team, share some tips on conducting virtual interviews to help them get the most out of every video chat.

Don’t skimp on next steps

The best virtual career fair platforms have built-in tools for following up with candidates after recruiting events have ended. These tools help you schedule future interviews, continue conversations to build trust, and forward candidates to hiring managers for consideration. For candidates who weren’t a good fit for current job openings but have valuable skills and experience, feedback from online hiring events can help inform additional recruitment marketing steps to keep candidates engaged for future openings.

Preparing for virtual success

Paying attention to the details before a virtual career fair helps ensure your event will run smoothly and yield the best results. Staff your events adequately and train that staff to deliver a candidate experience that attracts top talent. Use your platform’s tools virtual career fair tools to continue building relationships with candidates and nurture your talent community. These strategies will help you create a plan that will make your next virtual career fair your best one yet.